The Graduate Business Council is the recognized governing student body for both the Full Time and Part-Time MBA programs at the Rotman School of Management. We work hard to bring about activities and initiatives that will enhance the overall student experience at Rotman.

Who We Are

The GBC is comprised of a group of energetic MBA students, just like you! We are passionate about creating a better and stronger Rotman community in which students are happy and proud to be a part of; and we would love to see you get involved! Starting with actively participating in GBC events, to interacting with us to provide feedback and new ideas, to actually becoming a member of the GBC – whatever your comfort level is, we welcome your participation!

What We Do

We organize by working with the school’s administration, faculty, and clubs, a wide range

of social, academic,and professional development activities and events. We also work with you, our student peers, to bring out the best of what Rotman has to offer by voicing your ideas and concerns to the administration, faculty, school clubs, or other organizations. Therefore, we are excited to get to know you, and hear your thoughts on how we can improve the quality of life for students at our school.


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