ISOLDE (International Symposium on Locational Decisions) is the triennial symposium devoted to the subject of Location Analysis. This symposium involves researchers from many fields including Civil and Industrial Engineering, Management Science, Economics, Operations Research, Geography and Computer Science, as well as practitioners in government and industry. The previous ISOLDE symposia have been held at the following locations:

ISOLDE I: Banff, Alberta, Canada (1978)
ISOLDE II: Skodsborg, Denmark (1981)
ISOLDE III: Boston and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA (1984)
ISOLDE IV: Namur and Faux-les-Tombs, Belgium (1987)
ISOLDE V: Fullerton and Lake Arrowhead, California, USA (1990)
ISOLDE VI: Lesvos and Chios, Greece (1993)
ISOLDE VII: Edmonton and Jasper, Alberta, Canada (1996)
ISOLDE VIII: Coimbra and Estoril, Portugal (1999)
ISOLDE IX: Fredericton and Saint Andrew, New Brunswick, Canada (2002)
ISOLDE X: Seville and Islantilla, Spain (2005)
ISOLDE XI: Santa Barbara, California, USA (2008)
ISOLDE XII: Nagoya and Kyoto, Japan (2012)
ISOLDE XIII: Naples and Capri, Italy (2014)

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