Rotman Students On-board with the Non-Profit Sector

Michael Moses - Assistant Director, Recruitment & AdmissionsRotman has always had a strong presence in the non-profit sector but this year we’ve taken things up to an exciting new level with the introduction of the “Rotman Onboard” Fellows Program.

This program is offered to our second-year students and matches them with a Toronto-based non-profit (or charity) board for a six month fellowship. In this capacity, our students act as non-voting members of the organizations’ boards, serve on advisory committees and complete a strategic governance project based on each organizations’ needs. Each student also gets paired with a board mentor and faculty advisor to help them along in their fellowship.

This year, our students will be joining the following organizations:

How exciting is this, eh?

In addition to Rotman Onboard, our students have a variety of other ways they are getting involved in the non-profit sector as well:

  • Net Impact– Rotman student club focused on using business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.
  • Rotman Outreach– Rotman student club focused on volunteerism and philanthropy in the community.
  • Rotman Nexus– A consulting firm locating in the Rotman building, run by our students and alumni and overseen by executives in the Toronto business community, which specializes in consulting engagements for the non-profit sector.

We are very proud of the impact our students and alumni have had on their communities and can’t wait to see how the non-profit sector continues to evolve in Toronto through our students’ contributions!

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