Do I need to submit a language exam?

Dimitra TsalpourisOne of the most frequently asked questions we get from our international applicants is around language proficiency tests. Here are some general guidelines to follow about our requirements and what you may need to submit as part of your supplementary documentation:

1) If you have studied at a University in a country where English is not the primary language of the country (so not the US, UK, etc) but where English is the primarily language of instruction at the University and your exams and textbooks were in English, then you can request a letter from your University to be sent to our office indicating as such. Once we receive that letter from your school, we may waive the language requirement for you.

2) If you have not studied at a University where English is the primary language of instruction then you need to submit proof of language as outlined below. We will accept any one of the following tests/certificates:
TOEFL: Rotman’s minimum score is 100 on the iBT with a minimum of 22 in speaking and writing.  Your TOEFL score must not be older than 2 years. Our TOEFL code is: 0982.
IELTS: Please ensure that you are taking the Academic version of the IELTS test, as this is the only one we are able to accept. Rotman’s minimum requirement is an overall score of 7 or higher with no component below a 6.5. Like the TOEFL, your IELTS score must not be older than 2 years. Please note that you will need to contact IELTS directly and have them mail a hard copy of your official test scores to the Admissions Office.
School of Continuing Studies (at the University of Toronto): The English Language Program (ELP) at the School of Continuing Studies offers at 12 week course which must be completed in full. Students must achieve a final grade of B in Level 60. Once the course has been completed, a certificate of completion will need to be submitted to our office.

As always, if you have any questions about language proficiency, you can always get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help you out!

Please note: The University of Toronto will be closed for the holiday break beginning on December 22, 2014 and will re-open on January 5, 2015.

4 thoughts on “Do I need to submit a language exam?

  1. Hello! I did not reach the minimum score in TOEFL. May I apply?

    The English Language Program is a required for all the International Student?

  2. i’m a cameroonian with a first degree in Economics from the University of Buea
    (Cameroon ,Southwest Region).do i need to submit a language exams.

    • Hi Tchouassi, thanks for following our blog and your inquiry. The language exemption is only for those who have completed their undergraduate degrees in English. The transcripts have to be in English and it has to be stated in the transcript that the medium of instruction is English in your program. Otherwise, you will have to submit a language test score. Hope this helps. Thanks!

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