Rd 1 Updates and Getting Ready for Rotman Rd 2

Round 1 Decisions

Application volume is way up (again) at Rotman, and we’re as committed as ever to getting to know our applicants well. At Rotman, we take the whole package approach to the application process, and that process takes time. So, if you are waiting for a decision on your round 1 application, sit tight as all round 1 decisions will be communicated on or before next week’s December 15 decision deadline.

This year we received competitive round 1 applications from all over the world including Antigua & Barbuda, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, China, Congo, Georgia, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russian Federation, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many of you over the past 2 months in your own home cities (places that are near like D.C, NYC, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal, and places that are far like London, Singapore, Manila, Istanbul, Mumbai, Shanghai, São Paulo, Lima and Mexico City – just to name a few) and it’s been wonderful to host so many of you on campus as well.

We’ve definitely taken notice of the spike in technology as a post MBA industry of interest from this group. Toronto is the third-largest tech hub in North America and was recently named the world’s fastest growing tech market. It’s great to see applicants broadening their horizons and considering their post-MBA goals when choosing where to apply!

Getting Ready for Rotman Round 2

For those of you targeting this deadline, you’ve got until Monday, January 8 at 12 midnight (eastern standard time). That gives you just over a month before hitting submit so here are our top 2 pieces of advice for round 2.

  1. Use our Resume Template: Our resume template shows you how you can best showcase your experience. using the template as a reference is a great way to ensure your own resume includes all of the information we’re looking for. It’s also worth mentioning that our MBA candidates use this template and our director of careers is on our admissions committee – so following this advice is certainly a good way to show that you’re coachable and makes a great first impression!
  2. Use Your Essay to ‘Connect the Dots’: This year’s application essay is the perfect place for you to bring it all together and create a cohesive narrative for your overall application. We ask you to ‘Please describe why you are pursuing an MBA? Why Rotman? Why now?’. Focus on being authentic and stay away from using this space to tell us all the things about our school you might think we’d like you to say.

Finally, the recruitment & admissions office will be closed for the holidays from Thursday, December 21, 2017, to Tuesday, January 2, 2018, inclusive. Join us for an admissions webinar before the break where we share our best advice for putting the final touches on your application.

RSVP for our Dec 14 admissions webinar.

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