Teaches the first year MBA course in International Economics and the first year MBA Business Problem Solving Capstone Course

Business Problem Solving Capstone

The Capstone represents the culmination of Rotman’s first-year curriculum as it allows students to experience – in real-time and through a real-world problem – how the systematic use of models and data can improve business problem-making. In the Capstone, students are given the opportunity to work on actual business problems and actual business data provided by partner organizations.  The problems are presented to the students by the companies themselves and are based on real issues that the organizations are currently facing and have not yet resolved.  Alternating between lectures, student presentations and coaching sessions, the course guides the students through the process of using model- and data-based problem-solving to analyze the company problems.  The ultimate goal is for the students to produce a coherent, internally-consistent and data-supported analysis from which recommendations can be derived. At the end of the course, the best students are invited to present their analysis and recommendations to executives at the partner companies.



Economic Environment of Business (MGT 1211)
Global Managerial Perspectives (MGT 1212)


International Business (MGT 491)
Business in a Global Economy (MGT 417, currently RSM 480)