Bridging the Gap: Insights to Ideas Workshop with Bridgeable CEO, Chris Ferguson

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an executive, converting an idea into reality is never an easy task. If it were easy, everyone would do it. So how do you create original ideas and increase the odds that they make it to market?

Join Bridgeable, a leading Toronto Design firm, and Rotman DesignWorks to learn how to bridge the gap between customer insights and actionable designs that deliver real market value. Discover how to translate customer needs into value generating solutions, prototype solutions to bring ideas to life, and how to engage internal and external stakeholders.

You’ll have the opportunity to apply tools and methods that increase customer value and engage stakeholders. Techniques from this session can be applied to case competitions, coursework and projects in the classroom and at work.

Open to all 2YR and 3YR students.

Chris Ferguson, Bridgeable CEO, will lead the session. Learn more about Bridgeable here.

When: Thu, Oct 29, 6-9pm (Registration starts at 5:45pm)
Where: LL1030
Cost: $15 (covers the cost of materials and a light meal)

R-World registration opens on Mon, Oct 12, 11am. Spots are limited!

The cancellation and refund deadline is 3 days prior to the event.

Questions? Contact Alpesh Mistry at


Chris Ferguson, CEO
As a founding member and CEO of Bridgeable, Chris works with some of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations including Genentech, Bristol Myers Squibb, Specialized, Canadian Tire, and The Royal Bank of Canada. He has been recognized with several international design awards including the GOOD Design, NeoCon and Humanitarian International Design Organization awards. Chris believes that “insights without action are useless” and his experience consulting with multi-national organizations grounds Bridgeable’s design projects in the realities of successful implementation.

Amit Kiran, Senior Associate, Design Strategy
At Bridgeable, Amit plays a key role in all aspects of work from leading projects and managing clients to conducting and synthesizing market and user research. Amit’s approach to design strategy has been applied across multiple industries including Healthcare, Finance, and Telecommunications. He holds an MBA and BASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, in addition to being a certified P.Eng and MoFS (Master of Fantasy Sports).

Terri Block, Associate, Design Strategy
At Bridgeable, Terri leads projects that focus on creating organisational capabilities that enable improved patient experience. Prior to working at Bridgeable, Terri worked at the Rotman School of Management where, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, she co-led the development of a framework for teaching innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in Ontario high schools. Terri holds an Honours BES and BEd from York University and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management.

Cheryl Li, Associate, Visual Communication
At Bridgeable, Cheryl helps translate complex research findings into designs that are not only functional and desirable to the end user, but also beautiful and meaningful. Cheryl’s experiences include designing systems and experiences with goals varying from increasing youth voter turnout to helping marginalized and transient pregnant women better manage transfer of care. Cheryl holds a BDes degree in Communication Design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Bridgeable (
Bridgeable is a boutique research and design firm focused on helping clients bridge the Know-Do Gap: the chasm between what is known about a complex problem and how it can be solved. Anchored in a multi-disciplinary approach, they collaborate with clients to understand and translate the intricacies of the human experience. Bridgeable then can design actions that address complex problems, improve experiences, create efficiencies, support organizational alignment and drive loyalty.

The Rotman DesignWorks Sandbox Series is a collection of hands-on workshops, led by experienced practioners, which develop your core innovation skills and provide you with valuable learning experiences. Participation is added to your Professional Development transcript.

Rotman DesignWorks is the Business Design Studio at the Rotman School of Management. Our mission is to create a new generation of innovation ready business leaders. We teach Business Design, a human-centred innovation methodology. We offer courses, workshops and coaching to MBA students and industry partners.

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