Changes to Club Dispute Escalation Process

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Club disciplinary matters are to be dealt with in accordance with the club’s charter. Any disputes between the club executive and the associated member(s) that cannot be resolved internally can be escalated by either the club member or the club executives via the following process:

  1. The escalating party sends a formal email to the GBC Club Directors briefly outlining the issue to be resolved
    1. The Clubs Directors notify the other party that an escalation has been initiated
    2. The involved club member(s) and club executives will be required to fill out an incident report detailing each sides’ account of the situation using the template provided by the GBC
      1. For transparency purposes, both parties will be able to view the other side’s incident report
      2. For documentation purposes, the complete incident report (which includes both parties’ statements) must be kept in the club’s file for the entire academic year. The GBC will also keep a record of the incident report.The GBC Club Directors will meet with the club executives and the associated member(s) separately to discuss the matter
      3. The GBC Club Directors will come to a conclusion on the matter on behalf of the GBC, which will be the final and binding decision

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