FT2016’s, volunteer for Junior Achievement day!

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Outreach is looking for students to participate in Junior Achievement day. The program, Economics for Success, demonstrates how students can financially manage changes in career and life directions. It encourages middle and high school students to take a closer look at the advantages of staying in school and at how the choices they make can positively impact their future dreams, aspirations and outcomes.

Part of your Junior Achievement experience involves attending a two-hour program-specific training session prior to entering the classroom. The training session is important as they provide you the information you will need for your day in the class. You will also be provided with materials to bring into the classroom with.

Transportation will be provided from Rotman to the school and back again at the end of the school day.

Junior Achievement date: Wed Feb 25, off campus
Training date: Tues Feb 17, at Rotman
Register here by Feb 17

Additional info

Rotman JA Day


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