GBC Elections

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Congrats to all the successful candidates of the GBC Elections process! There was great support for every single candidate and in some cases counts between candidates were very close (with as little as a difference of 1 count). Good luck to all of you as you move forward in your roles for the academic year!


3yr Evening Program:

Academic Reps: Erin Marcotte & Raeid Saqur
Social Rep: Katie Gardon
Sports Rep: Saad Syed

3yr Morning Program:

Academic Reps: JP Sado & Katie Wigmore
Social Rep: Yasmine Kashefi
Sports Rep: Katya Kudashkina


Section 1 – full-time

Academic Rep: Alex Yeo
Social Rep: Sakshi Upadhyay
Sports Rep: Dean Pitton

Section 2 – full-time

Academic Rep: Moataz Bellah Khalek
Social Rep: Kavita Nayar
Sports Rep: Tyrenny Anderson

Section 3 – full-time

Academic Rep: Samarth Modwal
Social Rep: Diwaker Malla
Sports Rep: George Stavropoulos


Section 4 – full-time

Academic Rep: Sid Singh
Social Rep: Igor Nirenshtein
Sports Rep: Chetak Shah

Section 5 – full-time

Academic Rep: Blake Connoy
Social Rep: Christina D’Alimonte
Sports Rep: Matthew Corley

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