GBC Executive & Director Elections Info Session

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“Pay-It-Forward” next year through the GBC! Bring your involvement in the Rotman community to a new level. There are a number of GBC Executive and Directors elected positions available and all of them are a great way to contribute to you and your peers’ experience, to meet people, and to have fun!

Curious about running for a GBC role? GBC will be conducting an GBC Information Session on February 5th, 2013 at 5:30 PM in LL1030.

The election process will start on February 28th and the nominations will be open on February 18th. GBC strongly encourages everyone to participate and submit nominations for any of the available positions.

GBC Positions:

  • Executive President (2-year students only)
  • Executive Vice President (3-year students only)
  • Vice President – Internal (all eligible students)
  • Vice President – External (all eligible students)
  • Vice President – Events (all eligible students)
  • Vice President – Finance (all eligible students)


  • Social Director – 2YR (2-year students only)
  • Social Director – 3YR (3-year students only)
  • Sports Director – 2YR (2-year students only)
  • Sports Director – 3YR (3-year students only)
  • Clubs Director – 2YR (2-year students only)
  • Clubs Director – 3YR (3-year students only)

To learn more about the GBC Positions, you can view the GBC Constitution. Stay tuned for more information and updates in the GBC Newsletter!

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