Introducing the Rotman Outreach Team

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Introducing your amazing, talented – “Supporter of Non-Profits” – Rotman Outreach Team!

Leading this incredible group this year is non-other than the witty and compassionate Tyrenny Anderson. The financial reins will be controlled by the ever tactful, thoughtful and tenacious Paul Basha. The dynamic duo of the outgoing, insightful and over-the-top Sasha Kucharczyk along with the passionate and helpful Ashish Potla will be your VP of Volunteering Internal and External, respectively. The determined and committed “Super” Noopur Parmar will be getting us all involved as VP of Fundraising. Rounding out the executive team is the bold, quirky and kind Sarah Giesbrecht as VP of Communications.

This marvellous team would not be complete without the astounding first year reps:  the cheerful and energetic Earl D’Almeida for Section 1; the fun and passionate Heather Duncanson for Section 2; the driven and fearless Tariq Nanji for Section 3; the enthusiastic and committed Madelene Wong for Section 4; the caring and optimistic Ruth Mestechkin for Section 5. The passionately outgoing Katie Pearson and the collaborative extrovert Azadeh Houshmand will complete the team, representing the part-time students.

This year the Rotman Outreach Team hopes to not only engage students by directly fundraising in order to support student chosen non-profits, but also by opening dialogues about how MBAs can give back to their communities. Watch out for the first Outreach event, the Rotman Outreach Online Auction starting Nov 15th!

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