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It may be hard to believe, but summer is almost here! This means that a new generation of Rotmanites is preparing to join our stellar ranks. It goes without saying that the new students need a proper welcome to Rotman. We call this welcome Orientation Camp! We are seeking awesome people to help us put on the show! If you are interested in helping plan and execute Orientation Camp, please apply to join the camp executive. The application can be found online HERE and is due Saturday April, 26th at 11:59pm. The available positions and their assigned roles are:

Party Instigator
Responsible for full life cycle of party – from planning to clean-up
Music → Playlist/DJ, Equipment, etc.
Alcohol → Coordinate liquor Licenses and Smart Serve for Volunteers

Director(s) of Programming & Spirit (2 people)
Coordinate to build teams of students
Coordinate with the Volunteer Exec to match each group with a Buddy
Coordinate scheduling for all groups at all times
Manage activity locations, resources and clean up
Work with Club Execs to develop programming that is pertinent to the school and aligned with the goals of camp
Develop Rain plan with alternative indoor activities

Director of Communications:
Deliver pertinent info to 1st years through email, Facebook group etc.
Organize nametags
Go to ready sessions and promote the event
Organize Transportation to the event, who will be on which bus, icebreaking activities on the bus ride etc.
Develop packing list for campers and coordinate meal plans for vegetarians, those with allergies etc

Director of Logistics:
Coordinate getting students from school to camp and back
Coordinate getting volunteers to camp and back
Ensure all equipment/luggage/props/alcohol gets to camp
Develop back up plan for travel emergencies

Director of Volunteers:
Work with PSO and set up R-World sign up for payment account
Set up buddy system with the Activities Exec
Set up training for volunteers to make sure they understand what the roles and responsibilities are
Continual contact with volunteers providing updates on what they need to know throughout the summer

Director of Security:
Familiarize themselves with the safety procedures at the camp, safety kit etc.
Make sure no one is abusing alcohol or endangering him or herself
Make sure all car keys that people drive up with are secured and that no one will be driving under the influence
Coordinate with Communications Executive to make sure everyone has signed permission slip with respect to responsibilities and liabilities of the campers
Organize Availability of nurse and/or other medical services

Questions can be addressed to

A call for camp volunteers will come in a few weeks.

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