March Madness @ Rotman!!

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March Madness @ Rotman!!

Hey Rotmanites!

It’s that time of year again…March Madness! GBC Sports, Rotman Outreach, and Rotman Sports Business Club are proud to present a joint venture this year, all in the name of charity (and bragging rights among classmates!)

For those of you who are not familiar, every March there is a 64-team college basketballtournament in the US. Millions of people across North America fill out “brackets”, where they pick winners for each game. You do NOT need any prior knowledge of sports or basketball (sometimes it’s even an advantage!) to play. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Pay $5 to play by giving it to your GBC 1st Year Sports Rep, Karan Bahety ( or Alaina Boyer ( Cash only. If you don’t pay by Tuesday, March 26th, you will be removed from the online pool and disqualified from play.

Step 2: Log in to Register to create an account, enter the password “integrativethinking” , and simply fill out the online bracket (super easy!). IMPORTANT: You need to email David Benson ( for an invitation into the online pool. SIGNUP BY 11:00AM EST THURSDAY, MARCH 21ST. You can only create one account and play one bracket in this competition and you cannot make any changes to your picks after 11:00am EST on Thursday. There are four divisions of 16 teams, and in each division a team is ranked or “seeded” somewhere between #1 and #16. Generally speaking, higher ranked teams will usually win, but there are always tonnes of upsets each year. Pick the winners for each game up until the final round by clicking on the team you like for each round.

Step 3: Scoring is simple. Every game you correctly guess is worth 1 point in the first round, 2 points in the second round, 4 points in the third round, etc.  New this year however are bonus points for the seed you pick. If you pick an 8th place seed to win its first game, and they do, you would get 1 point + 8 points for the seed = 9 points. This will reward people who pick upsets (lower-ranked teams winning) correctly.

Step 4: The winner – the Rotman student with the highest number of points at the end of March Madness – will get 50% of all money collected. The other 50% will be donated to Rotman Outreach and will be distributed along with all other charitable money raised this academic year (details coming soon).

Step 5: Have fun, because the Madness starts soon…if you have ANY questions about how the tournament works, how to play, or anything else, feel free to send David Benson ( an email and he will get you ready to go.

Helpful hints: avoid any of Danny Chan’s picks. That should get you on the road to success quickly!

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