Proposed Amendments to the GBC Constitution

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The GBC is proposing five amendments to the GBC Constitution. The Constitution requires that the GBC make the nature of these changes available to the student body. The constitutional amendments are as follows:

1. Increase the cut-off time for the Fall core course elections from the fourth week of the first semester to the fifth week of the first semester

2. Change the duration of a re-opened nomination period from two (2) business days to one or two (2) regular days

3. Change requirements for elections voting results announcements from within 24 hours after the final close of polls to by the end of the next business day

4. Add the core course elected positions to the set of speeches that should be made available on RWorld

5. Eliminate the disclosure of individual percentage of votes to an individual candidate

Current students can voice concerns to members of the GBC who will debate and vote on the amendments on Friday January 30. Any current student can attend the GBC meeting, however only GBC Executives, Directors, Managers and Representatives may participate in the discussion.

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