Rotman Alumni Network Golf Tournaments

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Hey Rotmanites!

GBC Sports wants to let you know that there are a few golf tournaments that have already been planned by the Rotman Alumni Network for the rest of the summer and they are extending the invite to current students. They have been able to get a pretty good package that is difficult to beat at Angus Glen.

For anyone that is interested, the dates for the upcoming tournaments are May 24, June 28, and July 26. There is a special golf training event taking place on August 23 for those that want to improve their game.

You’ll register individually but can indicate who will be playing in your team of four.

Future events are as follows – click on the links for more details and to register:

1) Saturday, May 24: Designed mostly for the intermediate/advanced golfer (but all are welcome), the clinic is 1.5 hours at the driving range and short game areas, with coaching from professional instructors.

2) Saturday, June 28: Same format and price, but the instructors will aim more for beginner/intermediates

3) Saturday, July 26: Play with the Pro. Your foursome will have an
instructor come along for 3 holes to give you on-course tips.

4) Saturday, August 23: Intensive 3-hour clinic, plus video analysis sent to your email address. (No on-course component.)

We hope to see you at the course!

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