Rotman Net Impact Speaker Series Event: Global Warming

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Rotman Net Impact is pleased to invite you to its next Speaker Series event.

When? Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013. Event registration and refreshments at 4:30pm. At 5:00pm sharp we will introduce the speaker. The session will adjourn by 6pm.
Venue? LL 1010, Rotman School of Management
Registration? Please register on R-World
Price? Free for club members
Dress Code? Casual

Audience: All members of Rotman Net Impact and ENRG clubs

Topic: Global Warming – science tells us that change is essential, yet business-as-usual continues. How do we bridge the chasm?

About the speaker: Richard Corley knows that sustainability is more than theory. Renewable energy powers both his house and car, and he recently drove to a cleantech conference in Ottawa without burning a drop of gas. A supporter of community power projects and cleantech start-ups, Richard is also involved in the development of public policy to support market-based solutions. During this session Richard is going to summarize recent developments in climate science, existing replacement technologies and the policies which would drive the transition and expand opportunities for cleantech businesses in Canada in a seamless manner.

Richard is a partner at a large Canadian law firm, on the board of directors of the Community Power Fund, and one of the founders of the Ontario Citizen’s Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy. As a recovering fossil fuel junkie, he has studied the basics of climate science in some detail and has done climate leadership training with Al Gore. The session will be interactive in nature – questions and discussion are welcome.

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