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The Women in Management Association (WIMA) is seeking a full-time male MBA student to develop and execute an Allies program for the club. The purpose of the Allies program will be to proactively engage male students at Rotman in the gender equity dialogue and involve male students in WIMA.

The WIMA Executive team is inspired by top schools such as Harvard, Wharton, Stanford and Berkeley that have launched successful allies programs. Coined “Manbassadors”, “The 22’s” and “WIMmen”, each of these programs invite men to join the gender equality conversation.

“Gender equality ought to be important to everyone. Too often gender equality is framed or processed in a way that suggests only women ought to be attuned to the topic, but these issues impact all of us. […] At its core, gender equality is a human rights issue, and in order to effect positive change — from the standpoint of societal advancement and economic development — we all must do our part.” (Michael Poku, MBA ’14, Harvard)

For further details on the Allies initiatives at other MBA programs:
–   Washington Post
–   Huffington Post
–   Harvard Gazette
–   Poets & Quants

Interested candidates should submit a 250 word statement of interest to WIMA by Sun, May 1. Email your application to Jessica Glanfield.


Director – Allies Program

The Director of Allies has two main responsibilities: With the assistance of the WIMA Executive, design an Allies Program for WIMA and plan and execute Allies events and communications.

Time Commitment

Average time commitment is 2-3 hours per week which varies as more time is required during weeks when events are being held.


–   Work with WIMA President and other executives to define strategic direction of the Allies program and develop a preliminary event calendar (spring/summer)
–   Work with the WIMA executive to develop an Allies Guide for the club website and educational communication tools for the membership (spring/summer)
–   Attend regular WIMA executive meetings (bi-weekly meetings all year)

Plan and Execute Allies Events and Communications
–   Conduct research on existing Allies programs and compile a list of possible events for WIMA to pilot at Rotman
–   Contribute to the naming and branding of the Allies program
–   Develop a communications initiative to engage men in the gender equity dialogue
–   Work with internal stakeholders at Rotman to develop a sustainable Allies program
–   Confirm dates and book room requirements with the PSO (Aug/Sept)
–   Submit expenses to VP Operations after each event

Events Responsible For
–   Piloting a series of events, both educational and social in nature

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