Your Rotman merchandise is ready for you!

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Your GBC and Merchandise Managers have been hard at work redesigning not only your Rotman apparel, but everything about the process of shopping for and buying your Rotman merch. No more trekking all the way to the U of T Bookstore in the Koffler Student Centre; now Rotman merchandise is right here!

So, here are the details:

First: Check out the Rotman Merchandise Lookbook 2015 for all the products that are being offered. Find something that you like?

Next: Click on the product description in the Lookbook, which will take you to the Tilt page for that item. All of the products are only offered through Tilt, so you know what that means. If not enough people contribute to a campaign, it doesn’t “Tilt,” that item never goes into production, and the world gets a bit colder and darker.

Then: Select the colour and size you want and add your name to the growing Tilt campaign. If you want to see samples of the products to try on for fit and feel, you can find them in the GBC office. The final product will look even better than the samples, obviously, because you will be wearing them!

Finally: Spread the word about the Tilt campaign to your fellow Rotmanites for the items you want, or the items you may not want, or because you are showing off your Rotman pride, or because you are still procrastinating over those readings you would rather not do.


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