When I am not busy with my coursework or research at school, (and sometimes even when I am, and think I need to re-energize!) I devote my time to listening to traditional music, watching artistic movies or documentaries, reading poetry (especially Masnavi, Rumi, H. Sayeh, Sa’di), enjoying novels, or I walk and breath fresh air.

I have been swimming from childhood, then became a member of my city’s diving team when I entered middle school, and left it when entered university. Now I try to swim on a regular basis. There are two things I have not done yet, but I have plans for: scuba diving and surfing…

I am also a nature lover! some people find it boring, for me it is a source of inspiration, a remembrance of Transcendent.

Books I have read or am reading:

  • The consolations of philosophy (in progress): I recently have found myself fascinated by Alain de Botton works’, this “The consolation”, being one of them. The book discusses how philosophy can help man deal (if you want, overcome) sources of suffer and pain in life, this includes love failures to mind insufficiency–add to list. A nice chapter discusses how you can be a (deeply) happy creature without really having all what is usually thought of as necessary instruments for being so! All that is needed is a cottage, some good friends, and a working mind. If you even want to reduce this list, you must start reading Rumi’s masterpiece, Masnavi, in which he claims all what is needed, is a peaceful self.
  • The art of Travel (in progress): is about how where you live, how beautiful or ugly it is, how lively (busy, I would rather say) or quite (peaceful) it is, how…this all has the minimum impact on your degree of happiness and content. One of the nice quotations I will always remember from Pascal, in the book, is: The greatest problem of the contemporary human being is not being happy while alone in their bedroom. Rumi says: روزها گر رفت گو رو باک نیست/تو بمان ای آنکه چون تو پاک نیست. I have been thinking long times about the pronoun he refers to in that verse.

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