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About the Lab

Welcome to the BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab (BMO FRT-Lab) at the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management. Our multi-function laboratory integrates theory and practice by providing a focal point for research and training in a range of financial disciplines including investment strategy and portfolio management, financial engineering and risk management, analyses of the microstructure of markets and trading, as well as other financial decision-making disciplines.

The Financial Research and Trading Lab (FRT-Lab) was founded by Professor Tom McCurdy, funded by a grant from the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF), and opened in 1999. In 2013, thanks to the financial support of the BMO Financial Group, the FRT-Lab was renamed the BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab (BMO FRT-Lab) and moved to a new location in a newly renovated and larger space. This high-tech facility enables students, faculty, and staff to interact with the global financial community and its resources in a real-time setting.

The Lab has 71 stations with ultrawide monitors and two media/data walls. The stations provide access to our research data delivery portals and real-time market data and information feeds. Training is enhanced by providing access to worldwide information on fundamentals, research, news, and prices, as well as by using industry applications and custom simulation-based-learning applications. This allows students to practice implementing the material they are learning in the classroom. To access information on some of our current FRT-Lab resources, please visit this link.

The primary objective of the Lab is for participants to learn how to make good financial decisions in complex environments taking account of and managing uncertainty about the future. Our simulation-based-learning applications are designed to achieve this objective. For example, the RIT Market Simulator and associated RIT Decision Cases provide an opportunity for students to learn how to develop robust strategies that work well across a range of potential outcomes. Our learning-by-doing approach is a foundation for learning how to learn, which supports life-long learning and innovation.

Tom McCurdy

Lab Founder and current Academic Co-Director

The Lab Mandate

    • To enhance the Rotman School’s teaching and training by providing students with access to the global financial community and its resources in a real-time setting.
    • To Contribute to the integration of theory and practice by delivering a hands-on experience to users to enhance the global competitiveness of our students and our School.
    • To become an innovator in new curriculum development, business initiatives, software development & other activities of value to the Rotman School and business communities.
    • To provide a focal point for research and training in a range of financial disciplines, including: investment strategy and portfolio management; financial engineering and risk management; trading; and analysis of the microstructure of markets.

Lab Team

Tom McCurdy

Lab Founder

Current Academic Co-Director 

Bonham Chair in International Finance 

Professor of Finance

Bachir Chehab

Associate Director

Craig Geoffrey

Academic Co-Director 

Assistant Professor 

Teaching Stream in Finance

Lab Assistants

Amy Zhang

Crystal Zhang

Simon Xin

Thomas Vissotto Aalbers

Brandon Chen

Dhairya Khara

Prithvi Thapar

Jeremy Jiang

Joyce Xue

Suki Wang

Ruben Navasardyan

Justin Xu

Christina Lin

Victor Xiao

Shaswata Chowdhury

Sophia Lou

Lab Assistants Alumni


Cindy Li
Edward Shen
Emily Wen
Eric Zhang
Ivanna Lytovchenko
Jason Mao
Joey Poh
Joshua Hur
Kamil Mansoori
Lisa Wu
Petra Torovic
Shahriyar Habib
Sofija Kotarac


Anh Nguyen
Jenny Zhang
Cheryl Zhang
Mike Hambardzumyan
Janki Shah
Angela Fu
William Rodgers
Christopher Lor
Ralph Kerrebijn
Danny Huh


Judson Asiruwa
Jack Chen
Chelsea Chen
Rebecca Kay
Jinhyung Kwon
Mary Li
Jacky Liu
Saarah Sheikh
Tony Tsai
Milliene Xu
Diana Zhang


Billy Sun
Zena Xing


Mansour Dia
Cavelle Van Nest
Annie Sun
Jessica Leung
Tianquan Wang
Tony Ye


Sergey Sapel’Nyk
Laura Murphy
Amanda Wildi
Filip Pejic
Tony Guo
Edward Xiao
Crystal Lou
Iven Poon


Tony Ding
Paige Franzoi
Michael Mazza
Jeremy Chiu
Roman Bohulevych
Linpan Li
Steven He


Annie Du
Catherine Qian
Esther Li
Janice Cha
Kirtpal Khattra
Rae Kim


Vincent Wang
Megan Jiang
Radhika Karker
Wallace Chau
Dottie Omino
Charles Liu
David Allen


Nina Baktina
Carrie Guo
Olivia Li
Richard Li
Ruijiang Ma
Violeta Peczulis
Matthew Tang


Brittney Franzoi
Steve El-Hage
Kiana Xu
Tony Chuang
Dawoon Chung
Junwei Huo


Richard Gao
Jasper Chan
Angel Liang
Tian Shen
Kimberley Ling
Jack Zhu
Mamoun Toukan
Aaron Ma
Richard Li
Winter Li
Sherry Xu


Paul Xing
Gary Liang
Eric Tsui
Michael Gorev
Evan Koetsenruijter
Shabnam Mohsenzadeh
Salman Razzak
Eric Chiu
Han Lin


William Ma
Jesse Chen
Chelsey Tam


Dmitri Izmailov
Yiyi Yang
Emily Shi
Ali Akber Kanchwala
Armana Hossain
Min Teo


Henry Zhang
Bryce Cheung
Mazen Issa
Diana Potapenko
Haswin Utomo


Ian Kim
Babak Golpayegani
Klara Gotz
Li Dai
Calvin Liang
Yanrong Cao


Huan Liu
Jing Feng
David Dai
Sophia Zhang
Annie Theriault
Bill Bobey


Nick Lee
Charles Williams
Mike Larkin


Collin Chu
Mavis Chen