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Microsoft® Office Specialist – Excel


The Rotman FRT-Lab is pleased to offer you access to the online self-paced Microsoft® Office Specialist training and certification modules. You are invited to complete a prescriptive, online pathway that will help you learn and develop the skills needed to pass the Microsoft certification exam. You can move at your own pace asynchronously or, if the instructor so desires, so desires follow the instructor lead in synchronous learning.

The training and certification are free of charge for Rotman Commerce and Rotman School of Management Students by Invitation Only.

Microsoft Excel, as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite, is an essential workplace readiness skill named in the 2016 IDC Workplace Readiness Survey. Additionally, in a Microsoft Certified Professional survey, 91% of hiring managers said they consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring.

The Jasperactive training modules are comprised of In-App and Interactive exercises. In-App exercises are completed in the application. Interactive exercises are click-through, interactive exercises that mimic the real commands in the Excel program.

Learning Pathway

Jasperactive for Microsoft Office’s five-step learning pathway builds experience and knowledge through hands-on activities and exploration.

Training & Certification List

Microsoft® Office Specialist - Excel Associate (30-50 hours)

This Microsoft® Excel Associate Certification Guide teaches the skills necessary to create and edit professional-looking spreadsheets for a variety of purposes and situations using locally installed MS Excel.

    • Manage worksheets and workbooks
    • Manage data cells and ranges
    • Manage tables and table data
    • Perform operations by using formulas and functions
    • Create charts and objects

Microsoft® Office Specialist - Excel Expert (25-35 hours)

Microsoft® Excel Expert teaches students how to use a variety of intermediate and advanced features to consolidate data, perform data analysis, and audit formulas in spreadsheets. Students also use summary functions, create pivot tables and pivot charts, and work with macros using locally installed MS Excel.

    • Manage workbook options and settings
    • Manage and format data
    • Create advanced formulas and macros
    • Manage advanced charts and tables

Certification exams will take place in the Rotman FRT-Lab after you complete the training module. You will be required to book an exam time slot using our booking platform. The Exam schedule will be shared on this page.


Access to the Jasperactive training platform will be provided free of charge to each student for a period of 3 months only. You are expected to complete all training modules within the three-month period.

Current Rotman School of Management and Rotman Commerce students (all years).

Next steps

After your account and activation process is done, you are ready to begin learning. When you have completed a Jasperactive course, you will be well-equipped to pass the official certification exam. Keep in mind that in Jasperactive, certain tasks must be performed before other tasks. The established order is as follows:

  1. Download and Install Jasperactive on Windows OS via this link.
  2. For more information about the technical requirement, click here.
  3. For macOS users, you can access Jasperactive MOS online via this link.
  4. Log in to your student account via this link.
  5. Read the user guide Jasperactive Student User Guide.
  6. Take the benchmark test Using the Course Benchmark.
  7. Start your training modules.
  8. Take the Lesson Quiz.
  9. Perform the Learn Exercises (these exercises are required).
  10. Perform any required Practice Exercises (some are optional).
  11. Submit a Created project.
  12. Take the Certification exam (booking is required, see below).

UofT Co-Curricular Record

The University of Toronto is committed to student success and the student experience and is developing the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) program to encourage a more robust and holistic academic experience. The CCR is a program that encourages engagement in co-curricular activities, which research has shown to positively impact student success and development.

The CCR provides a database of activities that allows students to search for opportunities beyond the classroom, based on their campus, college, faculty, interests or time of day. Competencies and skills are linked to experiences, which will help students see the connection between their engagement and development.

These experiences and competencies are then printed on an official institutional document, which students can then give to employers, graduate schools, for scholarship and bursary applications. The CCR program is currently being developed and will be launching in the 2013-2014 year for all degree-seeking students across the three U of T campuses. For more information on the CCR and its development, visit

You will be able to add, view, and print your CCR record by logging into your CCR account at and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Manage Co-Curricular Record” tab
  2. Select the “Interactions” circular button on the bottom right-hand corner
  3. Select “Add a position to My Record”
  4. Type the “Activity or Position Name” in the search bar.
  5. Look at the positions listed “Microsoft® Office Specialist - Excel”, and select the one that you completed.
  6. “Add Position To My Co-Curricular Record” to request validation.
  7. Select a competency. Select the competencies that you feel you developed through that experience.
  8. Remember, when employers and graduate/professional schools ask you about your experience, you should be able to speak to those competencies.
  9. Before you can print the record, this request will need to be approved.

Once you apply for the record, I will receive a notification to approve the request.