August 31, 2017

Diversity & Inclusion

Student volunteers running Rotman on Inclusion (ROI) during 2018-2019. Top row: Litesh Pahuja, Manali Paradkar, Harshad Bhujbal, Amanda Wong, Mohammad Chaudry. Bottom row: Jesús Amundaraín, Ramzi Beyh, Oriana Mambie, and Susan Lee (OSE).

The vision of Diversity and Inclusion is to enhance an open, safe and inclusive environment where each member of the Rotman community can feel pride in diversity; and to promote an inclusive culture by empowering Rotman students through education, community building and outreach.

The largest Diversity and Inclusion initiative this year will be the Rotman on Inclusion (ROI) chapters, which have been designed as community-building, interactive events that enable two-way conversations around specific Diversity and Inclusion topics, and that foster a culture of appreciation at Rotman. Please stay tuned for further details but, in the meantime, save the following dates:

– Tuesday, September 25: Culture and Religion

– Monday, November 19: Sexual and Gender Identity

– Thursday, February 07: Visible and Invisible Disabilities

– Thursday, March 21: Race and Indigeneity

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Diversity and Inclusion Director, Sam Kochhar.