August 15, 2020

Rotman Clubs

Industry Clubs and Associations

Rotman Asset Management Association
Rotman Business Analytics Club
Business Design Club
Business Technology Association
Energy and Natural Resrouces Association
Entertainment and Media Association
Rotman JD/MBA Students Association
Rotman Finance Association
Healthcare Management Association
Human Capital Club
Management Consulting Association
Marketing Association
Net Impact
Operations Management Association
Real Estate Association
Risk Management Association
Rotman BASc/MBA Student Association
Sales Club
Sports Business Association
Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Student Club
Women in Management Association

Cultural Clubs and Associations

Rotman Asian Business Assocition
Rotman African Caribbean Business Club
Rotman Latin American Business Club
Rotman Middle East Business Association
Rotman South Asian Business Association
Rotman European Business Cultural Association
Rotman Jewish Association of MBAs

Student Interest Clubs and Associations

The Letters at Rotman
Rotman Access to Success
Students Against Anti-Black Racism
Rotman Music
Rotman Active Association
Rotman Negotiation Club
Rotman Life Partners Club
Rotman Culinary Club
Rotman Beer Association
Rotman Wine Society
Rotman Executive Dinner Club