Evaluation Details

Active Class Participation (20%)

Communication skills are as important as knowledge for your success in almost any organization. Each student should make an attempt to speak in each class providing clear arguments when they do so. Interactive dialogue between students and instructors is highly desirable.

As class participation is a graded component of the course, students will be evaluated on the following:

  • Thoughtfulness of responses
  • Understanding and analysis of topic
  • Idea generation
  • Whether or not the contribution promotes further discussion
  • Clarity of communication

Students are expected to be engaged during their class attendance and to make a contribution to the overall learning experience.

Integrated Business Management Simulation (5%)

Five percent of your grade in the course will be determined by how well your team does in the Simulation.  It will be based on the results of the Simulation only.

Individual Paper (20%)

Each student to submit (in advance of session 8) a paper answering the following questions:

  1. List what you see as the key “take-aways” from each author (Drucker, Reddin, and Martin).
    2. Compare and contrast the views of these three authors.
    3. Comment on where these views are relevant today.

Rules are: 3 pages maximum and it should be Clear (easily understood), Memorable (worth remembering) and Compelling (having a powerful & irresistible effect).

Individual Presentation (20%)

Based on what you have learned in the GettingItDone® course, what are the things that you will personally commit to do during the first six months in your next job (or your current job)?
Individuals will present on the last day of the course.

The rules are: 10 minutes maximum and 8 PowerPoint slides maximum. The presentation should be Clear, Memorable and Compelling.

Team Presentation (35%)

Students will be randomly divided into Study Teams of 5, in advance of the start of the course.

Based on the methods and tools that you have learned during the GettingItDone® course, and as applied to your assigned business simulation:

  1. Describe what impact the Team Effectiveness Lab (TEL) activities had on your team’s effectiveness (20%).
  2. Develop a Performance Agreement (PA) for your simulation for the current fiscal year (15%).

Each team will present on the final day of the course.

The rules are: 12 minutes maximum and 10 Power Point slides maximum. And, it should be Clear, Memorable and Compelling.

Grading Policy

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