Dean’s Message

As I mark my first year as Dean of the Rotman School of Management, I am deeply inspired and humbled by the commitment, passion and expertise of our alumni, students, staff, faculty, supporters and volunteers.

It’s incredible to reflect on just how much we’ve learned, grown and accomplished together in one year.

I hope you are as proud as I am as you read this snapshot of our shared progress and impact.

Rotman faculty drove groundbreaking research in areas as diverse and crucial as healthcare strategy; sustainable finance; supply chain management; purpose-driven innovation; equity, diversity and inclusion; behavioural economics; machine learning and AI in finance; and so much more.

Our institutes, labs and research centres brought insights to impact, helping companies translate and scale behavioural science from lab-based research findings, informing key policy decisions such as the implementation of affordable childcare in Canada and addressing our healthcare system’s crucial management challenges.

Faculty and staff provided incredible academic and experiential learning opportunities for students, and built on growing equity, diversity and inclusion efforts. We also launched Rotman’s Indigenous Task Force to better respond to the calls to action outlined by the University of Toronto and Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Students contributed their skills through global practicums and consulting projects, won prestigious international competitions and were named among the world’s best and brightest MBAs.

Alumni led change in their organizations and communities and volunteered as mentors to current students, while our recent graduates’ already stellar career outcomes rose to record new levels, with 96 percent of our MBA ’21 graduates landing a full-time position within three months of graduating.

pink quotation mark

We are uniquely positioned to inspire creative solutions to our world’s most pressing challenges.

— Dean Susan Christoffersen

Rotman supporters created new scholarships for Black and Indigenous students and invested in research, student support and programming. Our community also rallied together as part of our inaugural Rotman Giving Day, which enabled the creation of four new endowed scholarships and supported access to 70 experiential learning opportunities.

These are just a few examples of our impact and momentum.

As a leading business school dedicated to rethinking how organizations are designed and managed, we are uniquely positioned to inspire creative solutions to our world’s most pressing challenges.

This is why we’ve launched a new academic plan for the Rotman School. Purpose into Action: Academic Plan 2022–2027 highlights how we aim to deliver on our purpose — to create value for business and society — by driving transformative impact in three key areas:

  • Designing more responsive and resilient organizations;
  • Driving innovation and analytical insights;
  • Building healthy, equitable and sustainable societies.

Fueled by philanthropic support from the Rotman community as part of the University of Toronto’s Defy Gravity Campaign, we will turn our purpose into action, raising the Rotman School’s global profile and impact even further.

I hope you are as inspired and energized as I am. Thank you for your commitment and partnership as we work together to create a better tomorrow.


Susan Christoffersen
Dean, Rotman School of Management


record-breaking percentage of
full-time MBA ’21 grads employed within three months of graduation
(98% MMA ’21 grads employed, 95% MFRM ’21 grads employed, and 95% Rotman Commerce students secured employment within nine months of completing their undergraduate degree)


articles and books published by faculty*


donors to the Rotman School*


people registered for more than 90 virtual public events*


in philanthropic and planned giving commitments*


in equity generated by CDL ventures to date (as of January 2022)

*figures reflect fiscal year May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022
**figures reflect academic year 2021-2022
unless otherwise noted


Student and Alumni Experience

Rotman students and recent grads won prestigious international competitions, applied their skills through global practicums and consulting projects, led equity and diversity efforts, and much more.

Student at work in the BMO Lab

Experiential learning and simulation: learning by doing

Hands-on simulations and experiential learning opportunities, including global practicums and consulting projects, enable Rotman students to put their skills to practice and create an immediate impact. Access to unique labs — including the Creative Destruction Lab, the Self-Development Lab, the TD Management Data and Analytics Lab and the BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab — attract the world’s best and brightest students to Rotman.

Learn more

Everything at the BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab is so hands-on, and that’s what gives us an edge compared to other candidates.

— Kathrine Dominguez, MFIN ’22

Photo of Fabiola Diaz Mier

Rotman Giving Day: sparking new possibilities

Rotman Giving Day donors enabled the creation of four new endowed scholarships, including one for Black MBA students, and supported access to 70 experiential learning opportunities.

Learn more

Photo of the Class of 1968

Investing in the next generation of leaders

With the support of our donors, we continue to attract and retain the world’s best and brightest students — the next generation of leaders who will respond to increasingly complex business and societal challenges.

Learn more

Offering students new and global career opportunities

How do you improve your student’s already stellar career outcomes? In addition to world-class faculty, you make sure they have access to top notch career services, online career tools, a growing pool of prospective employers, and an extensive network of committed alumni.

Learn more:

Every day, Rotman’s generous community of supporters makes it possible for more students from diverse backgrounds to pursue an education at one of the world’s preeminent business schools so they can create positive change in the world.

— Jathiban (Jay) Panchalingam, MBA ’22


female students admitted into
FT MBA class of 2023
(59% in GEMBA-HLS ’23,
54% in Commerce ’22,
49% in ME MBA ’23)**


international students
in the MFRM class of 2022,
(58% full-time MBA students in the class of 2023 are international students,
and 46 nationalities are represented in the Rotman Commerce class of 2025)


Rotman students matched with industry leaders since the mentorship program Leadership, Exploration, Advice, Development and Success (LEADS) was launched in 2020


students across Rotman’s graduate programs enhanced their skills through the Self-Development Lab**


students participated in TD Management Data and Analytics Lab (TDMDAL) activities including events, bootcamps and workshops, and datathons**


Rotman Giving Day grand total raised
(including matching funds)*

*figures reflect fiscal year May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022
**figures reflect academic year 2021-2022
unless otherwise noted

Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders

Your investment in tomorrow’s leaders will inspire a better future.


Community Impact

Thanks to the commitment, passion and expertise of our alumni, students, staff, faculty, and supporters,
Rotman continues to bring value to business and society.

Photo of Sonia Sennik

Creative Destruction Lab continues to
bring insights to impact

With five sites in Canada, three in the United States, and three in Europe, CDL delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Learn more:

Photo of Sarah Kaplan

Informing policy on affordable childcare

When Rotman’s Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE) warned of a limited window of opportunity to implement affordable childcare in Canada, the government listened. On a mission to change the conversation on gender equality, GATE leads cutting-edge academic research, challenges tired ideas and inspires disruptive change with game-changing guidance.

Learn more:

Photo of Nigel Haroon

Tackling healthcare’s management challenges

Whether it was finding much-needed hospital beds or navigating intensive-care unit transfer, the pandemic highlighted the urgency of addressing our healthcare system’s crucial management challenges. By training the “who’s who” of senior leadership in healthcare, informing key policy decisions, driving innovative research and leading robust outreach programming, the Sandra Rotman Centre for Health Sector Strategy is transforming the potential of healthcare for future generations.

Learn more:

left quotation mark in green

Healthcare is changing significantly. The advanced techniques we use in research have evolved. And, with the rise of big data, artificial intelligence and wearable devices for patients,
there’s a major opportunity to adopt new technologies.

— Dr. Nigil Haroon, GEMBA-HLS ’21

Photo of Wes Hall

The BlackNorth Initiative: equity and inclusion

As we take steps to improve diversity across the School, our faculty continue to work with researchers from across the country to create a more inclusive society. Without these efforts, Canada risks having an uneven recovery that leaves racialized Canadians worse off.

Learn more:

Photo of IWB grad

Changing lives and advancing careers

The Initiative for Women in Business and the Intercultural Skills Lab’s Business Edge programs support the career development of female professionals and internationally educated professionals respectively. While the IWB offers a blend of practical knowledge and top academic instruction that is centered in personal performance, leading growth and transition support, Business Edge programs support internationally educated professionals to accelerate their careers by developing intercultural intelligence to work and lead diverse teams with an inclusive mindset.

Learn more:
  • The IWB’s Judy Project has 40 sponsors and 472 alumnae
  • 43 percent of graduates of the Back to Work Program land roles within three weeks of completing the program
  • The Intercultural Skills Lab was awarded $6.5 million in funding over three years from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development to deliver three new programs: Business Edge Finance, Business Edge Career Shift and Business Edge Change Management

left quotation mark in green

It’s so rare to find a course that gives you the opportunity to make a direct, positive impact in the community.

— Deborah Chima, BCOM ’21

Photo of Stephanie Hodnett

Executive Programs:
equipping leaders to thrive

Whatever the area of professional development and executive training, you can count on it being covered by our Executive Programs, which engage executives with in-person, synchronous and asynchronous online and hybrid offerings.

Learn more:

photo of event crowd

Public Events: bringing top minds together

Real-world perspectives. Leadership styles. Personal philosophies. These are some of the things top management executives and other influential thought leaders share with alumni every year.

Learn more:
  • Major speakers included Steven Pinker, Indra Nooyi, John Doerr, Stephen Poloz, Dan Pink, Jesse Wente, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Dambisa Moyo, Jen Gunter, Pamela Wallin, Ron Daniels and Heather Reisman
  • Rotman launched a multi-part CEO Speakers Series, featuring the leaders from Canada Goose, Restaurant Brands International, Google Canada, lululemon, Scotiabank, and Sobeys
  • Our events drew in viewers from more than 30 countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the United States
  • More than 1,000 viewers tuned into our annual Real Estate Roundtable (with Post City) and other events co-hosted with Rotman’s Centre for Real Estate and Urban Economics

Photo of Mihnea Moldoveanu

Faculty books

Modern cities. Power dynamics. Artificial Intelligence. Our faculty are always at the forefront of the top issues affecting business and society.

Learn more
  • When More is Not Better: Overcoming America’s Obsession with Economic Efficiency and A New Way to Think: Your Guide to Superior Management Effectiveness
    Professor Emeritus Roger Martin and former Dean
  • Decoding CEO-Speak
    Professor Joel Amernic with R. Craig
  • Behavioral Science in the Wild
    Professors Dilip Soman & Nina Mazar of Boston University
  • Power, for All: How it Really Works and Why It’s Everyone’s Business
    Professor Tiziana Casciaro & Professor Julie Battilana, Harvard Business School
  • The Future of Executive Development
    Professors Mihnea Moldoveanu & Das Narayandas, Harvard Business School
  • Business Design Thinking and Doing: Frameworks, Strategies and Techniques for Sustainable Innovation
    Assistant Professor Angèle Beausoleil

countries with Rotman Management
magazine subscribers*


average salary increase for Business Edge participants*


total Executive Programs offered
(vs. 87 in the previous fiscal)*


healthcare leaders have completed the Advanced Health Leadership Program (as of April 30, 2022)


Rotman alumni served as volunteers*


viewers who tuned into our
CEO Speakers Series

*figures reflect fiscal year May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022
**figures reflect academic year 2021-2022
unless otherwise noted

A Powerful Community

Make the most of the Rotman community:
learn how to get involved or join Rotman Connect.


Research Impact

Rotman faculty drove groundbreaking research and thought leadership,
inspiring creative solutions to our world’s most pressing challenges.

Photo of Anita McGahan

Endowed research chairs at U of T: the most important and prestigious academic appointments in Canada

Established and named in perpetuity, endowed chairs allow our faculty to expand their research impact and thought leadership. Thanks to generous donor support, Rotman has 42 named chairs and professorships who are fueling new insights, redefining management and teaching tomorrow’s leaders to navigate the unknown.

Learn more:

See a full listing of our research chairs

photo of Dilip Soman

Behavioural Economics: a nudge in the right direction

Through its unparalleled approach to research co-creation, Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (BEAR) is uniquely positioned to transform the business of behavioural change across our economy and society.

Learn more:

left quotation mark in blue

Leaders are waking up to the fact that they can’t bury their heads in the sand when it comes to environmental and social impact. Ultimately, every organization, regardless of the sector or industry it operates in, must grapple with and address these forces.

— Kenneth S. Corts
Professor, Economic Analysis and Policy
Academic Director, Michael Lee-Chin Family Institute for Corporate Citizenship

Photo of Jia Lin Xie

Pandemic, work and economy

Rotman faculty continue to provide crucial thought leadership across multiple challenges and new questions brought on by the pandemic, including the future of work, the impact of COVID-19 health anxiety, the implications for hard-hit sectors like the travel industry and more.

Learn more:

Photo of Angele Beausoleil

Design thinking

The Business Design Initiative at the Rotman School connects the dots between design thinking and its value to the boardroom. As an education centre, it brings a human-centred approach to innovation management, equipping a new generation of leaders to shape future-forward, resilient organizations.

Learn more:

left quotation mark in blue

I think businesses should definitely consider what services and benefits they can obtain from blockchain technology. You can use blockchains to conduct transactions, foreign exchange operations, escrow, trading, or bidding for contracts. There are many things you can organize using these joint networks. And clearly, massive value can come from working on common platforms — as we have seen with the Internet.

— Andreas Park
Professor, Finance

Photo of Avi Goldfarb

A future with quantum

With significant engineering challenges yet to be overcome, it might be years before we see a large-scale fully functioning quantum computer. But for Rotman professors Francesco Bova and Avi Goldfarb, it’s not too soon to think about quantum.

Learn more:

Photo of Andreas Park


By fostering learning and research on various aspects of financial innovation, including machine learning to blockchain, Rotman FinHub plays a key role in our quest to advance the frontiers of management thinking.

Learn more:

Photo of Tiziana Casciaro

Power: teaching people how to use it

Content aimed at non-academic audiences helps us extend the global reach and impact of our research — especially when it focuses on topics as universally sought after and discussed as power.

Learn more:

senior editorial and associate editor appointments held by Rotman faculty*


op-eds by Rotman faculty**


success rate of Rotman researchers in the two main Social Sciences/Humanities federal funding programs for the past two years (the national success rate normally sits around 43%)**


publications by Rotman faculty in the world’s top 50 management journals*


Rotman mentions in the Canadian, US and international media*


total external research dollars received by Rotman Faculty members*

*figures reflect fiscal year May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022
**figures reflect academic year 2021-2022
unless otherwise noted

Groundbreaking Research and Ideas

Delve into more Rotman School research on the Insights Hub.


Donor Support

We are immensely grateful to the valued Rotman donors who invested in the Rotman School of Management between May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022. You accelerate our impact and create lasting value for business and society.

Lifetime Giving

Recognizing Rotman’s most generous donors, who have made cumulative contributions to the School of $25,000 or more. This list reflects lifetime giving to Rotman as of April 30, 2022.




Marcel Desautels

Michael Lee-Chin and Family

The Rotman Family


$5,000,000 – $24,999,999

Canadian Cancer Society

The John and Deborah Harris Family Foundation

John (BCOM ’66, MBA ’67) and Josie Watson

TD Bank Group


$1,000,000 – $4,999,999

ATCO Group

BMO Financial Group

Mark S. Bonham (BCOM ’82)


CIT Financial Ltd.


Comcast Corporation

Sydney Cooper and Family

Corus Entertainment Inc.

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario)

Richard J. Currie

Margaret and Jim Fleck

Douglas and Ruth Grant

Donald A. Guloien (BCOM ’80) and Irene Boychuk

Daisy Chiu-Fung Ho (MBA ’90)

Lee and Margaret Lau


Maple Financial Group Inc.

Martin Ossip Family at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto

Peter (BCOM ’64) and Judy Mitchelson

Prosus N.V.

Power Corporation of Canada

RBC Foundation


Jeffrey S. Skoll

Vector Institute

The Joe Weider Foundation

Anonymous (3)


$500,000 – $999,999

American Family Insurance

Bank of Canada


Canadian Pacific

Canadian Tire Corporation Limited

The Max B. E. Clarkson Family*

John E. Donald

William A. Downe (MBA’78)


Anthony and Shari Fell

John Francis

General Motors of Canada Limited

Global Risk Institute in Financial Services

The Jay and Barbara Hennick Family Foundation

Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd

The Kavelman-Fonn Foundation

The KPMG Foundation

Edward J. Kernaghan

The Labatt Family

Mastercard Canada Inc.

McKinsey & Company

MDS Inc.

Microsoft Canada

National Bank of Canada

Nesbitt Family (MBA’85)

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Royal Trust Corporation of Canada

Anonymous (1)



John E. Abele

Accenture Inc.

Bealight Foundation

Dennis Bennie

John (MBA ’81) and Mary Cassaday

Confederation Life Insurance Co.


Peter P. Copses (BCOM ’80) and Judith V. Mueller

Daniel Debow (MBA ’00) and Jordana Huber


Deloitte & Touche LLP

Donner Canadian Foundation

Haig Farris

FirstService Corporation

Jim and Mary Fisher*

T. C. Fong

Globalive Capital

Great-West Lifeco Incorporated

Mary B. (MBA ’85) and Graham Hallward

Honda Innovations

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

Hyatt Family Foundation

IBM Canada Ltd.

The Honourable Henry N. R. Jackman

Leacross Foundation

Roger Martin

Mastercard Worldwide

National Bank

Olivetti Canada Limited

Parnoja Family (MBA ’95)

Scott and Lynn Patterson


Procter & Gamble Inc.

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust

The Rockefeller Foundation

Skoll Foundation

Nigel W. Stokes (MBA ’87)

TD Waterhouse Canada Inc.

The Vanguard Group, Inc.

Neil Wainwright

Mark D. Wiseman (MBA ’96)

Women in Capital Markets

Xerox Canada Ltd.

Anonymous (1)




Amazon Web Services Inc.

Susan M. Armitage

Arthur Andersen LLP

Avenir Consolidated Corporation

The Ralph M. Barford Foundation

W. Geoffrey Beattie

Harvey Botting (EMBA ’85)

BP Canada Energy Company

The Bregman Family

Yetta Bregman and Michael Bregman

William C. Buttimer

Campbell Soup Company Ltd.

Capital IQ

Catalyst Inc.

Charles C. Chung (MBA ’78)


John C. Clark

Coopers & Lybrand

Co-Steel Inc.

CPP Investment Board (CPPIB)

David Crawford (MBA ’91) and Julia Holland

Data General (Canada) Co.

Frederick C. Dawkins (BCOM ’67)

E.I. du Pont Canada Company

The Ernst & Young Charitable Trust

Bob J. Ewen (MBA ’77)

The Financial Research Foundation of Canada

First Capital Realty

Norman Fraser (BCOM ’65, MBA ’68)

Michael and Bonnie Goldberg

Google Inc.

Leonore V. Hetherington

HSBC Bank Canada

IG Wealth Management

IGM Financial

The John Dobson Foundation

Ann Kaplan (EMBA ’05)

Joseph Kerzner

Michael and Sonja Koerner

Raymond P. Kruck (BCOM ’89)

Langar Foundation in Honour of Dr. Gail Regan

Liberty Global, Inc.

Mackenzie Investments

Magna International Inc.


Rob McEwen

Barry (BCOM ’85, MBA ’87) and Rose McInerney

Moody’s Corporation

The Peter and Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation

Gordon A. Nelson (MBA ’85)

Nicol Family Foundation, James Nicol

Rose M. Patten

Jim Pattison

Carol S. Perry (MBA ’78)

Richard Coleman Powers*


Qualcomm Incorporated

Joyce Leah Robertson

Melinda Rogers-Hixon (MBA ’97)

The Rossy Foundation

Royal Bank of Canada

SC Johnson & Son Limited

Seagate Technology Inc.

Dori Segal

Seyton Limited

Roger J. Short (MBA ’79)

Megan Hagarty Smith and Geoffrey Smith

St. Elizabeth Home Society

Sun Life Financial

Swiss Reinsurance Company of Canada

Anne Tanenbaum at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto and The Lawrence and Judith Tanenbaum Family

TD Wealth Management


The Estate of William O. Twaits (BCOM ’33)

Parvez Tyab

Wahl Investment Corp.

William (MBA ’62) and Phyllis Waters*

Red and Brenda Wilson

Anonymous (5)



AGF Management Limited

M. Bonham Charity Foundation

Charles and Darlene Allen

Daniel P. Almenara (MBA ’92)

Amaranth Resources Limited

Jamie (BCOM ’76) and Patsy Anderson

Keng Lam Ang

James Archer-Shee

BCE Inc.

David and Debby Beatty*

Diana Bennett and Spencer Lanthier

Bennett Jones LLP

Birch Hill Equity Partners

Gilda and Yousry Bissada

Laurence and Shiva Booth*

Gordon and Jean Campbell

Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation

Ying Tung R. Chik

Frank K. Chow (MBA ’71)

Susan Christoffersen*


CIBC World Markets

Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.

James W. Davie (BCOM ’65)

Michael B. C. Davies

Leelah Dawson (MBA ’91)

George and Katherine Dembroski

Wendy Dobson*

Dave Donnan (MBA ’82)

Bryce W. and Nicki Douglas

Wade R. Felesky (MBA’01)

Fidelity Investments Canada Ltd.

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited

Georgian Partners

Michael Gibbens (MBA ’11) and Julie Lassonde

F. Douglas Gibson

Endla & John Gilmour Foundation

Graywood Developments

Barbara R. Griffiths

Richard F. Haskayne

Renée Haugerud

David and Lenore Hawkey

Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)

Walid Hejazi*

Claudia Hepburn

Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.

David Ho-A-Yun

Home Capital Group Inc.

John and Michelle Hull*

Invesco Canada

Laidlaw Foundation

Janet L. Lamb

Joyce Lee

Kenneth Lefolii Enterprises Limited

Marjorie and Don Lenz

Albert (MBA ’88) and Teresa Li

D. Bruce Macdonald

Kerrie MacPherson (BCOM ’86, MBA ’91)

Managerial Design Corporation


John H. and Netilia McArthur

Margaret and Wallace McCain

McCarthy Tétrault LLP

Tom McCurdy*

Anita M. McGahan*

Doug McGregor

Michael N. Melanson (MBA ’87)

Molson Inc.

Moore Wallace Inc.

William W. Moriarty*

Debbie and Donald Morrison Family Foundation (MBA ’83)

Esther Mui (MBA ’74)

Petro Mykulak

Stephanie Mykulak

Florence S. Narine (MBA ’05)

New Field Education Group

Gordon and Janet Nixon


Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Optimum Talent Inc.

Doane Raymond Pannell

Professor Peter Pauly*

Paul (MBA ’51) and Patricia Phoenix

Sandra and Jim Pitblado

David Powell

Andrew and Valerie Pringle

Anita and Chandran Ratnaswami (DBA ’77, MBA ’79)

RBC Foundation

Gail Regan (MBA ’78)

Paul Richards (MBA ’62)

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust

Gerrard P. Rocchi (MBA ’81)

John (BCOM ’68) and Lynda Rogers

Janis Rotman

Peter and Judy Russel

Scotiabank Group

Vanessa Serra Iarocci (BCOM ’01)

Daniel Shimmerman (MBA ’96)

Paul Shugart (MBA ’88) and Patti Perras Shugart (MBA ’88)

Daniel F. Sullivan (MBA ’71)

TD Bank Group

David L. Torrey

Victor Tung (EMBA ’12)

Fred VanVleet

Roland (MBA ’99) and Marni (MBA ’91) Wieshofer

William P. Wilder

W. David Wilson

John W. L. Winder*

Wellington Financial LP

Alan White (PHD ’87) and Jo-Ann McDermott*

Glen Whyte* (DBA ’80, MBA ’81)

Chuck and Libby Winograd

Tom and Ruth Woods (MBA ’84)

YuWei Zhang (BCOM ’14)

Anonymous (4)


$25,000 – $49,999

Aecon Group Inc.

David L. Adams

Sidney E. Amster (MBA ’82)

Peter Angelou Foundation

Anur Investments Ltd.

Paul and Sally Bates

Kelly Battle (MBA ’97)

Joel A. Baum* (MBA ’85, PHD ’89)

Brent and Lynn Belzberg

The William Birchall Foundation

Jill Black (MBA ’80)

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Fares A. Boulos (MBA ’79)

In Memory of Troy Bey Braithwaite

CAE Inc.

Canadian Coalition for Good Governance


Canso Investment Counsel

Donald A. Carmichael (MBA ’74)

Gordon F. Cheesbrough

David and Valerie Christie

Adrian J. Coote

Cullen Family

Joseph R. D’Cruz*

Timothy D. Dattels

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Dentons Canada LLP

Diestel Family (MBA ’02)

Linda Dudek*

Michael D. Dunn (MCOMM ’49)

Empire Company Ltd.

Martin and Nancy Evans*

Ambrose Fan (EMBA ’92)

Fasken LLP

Firma Foreign Exchange Corporation

Flow Traders US LLC

Irving and Gail Gerstein

Kevin A. Glass (EMBA ’92)

Ira Gluskin (BCOM ’64) and Maxine Granovsky Gluskin

Martin and Susan Goldberg

Myron J. Gordon

Eleanor Gow (MBA ’77)

Harleen and Paul Grewal

Wendy G. Hannam (MBA ’83)

Grace and William Harris Family

George W. Hayhurst (DBA ’67, MBA ’68)

The Jay and Barbara Hennick Foundation

Russell J. Hiscock (MBA ’77)


Brian Howe (EMBA’93)

Hydro One

Jarislowsky Foundation

P. Thomas Jenkins

Donald K. Johnson

Moti G. Jungreis (MBA’96)

The Kahanoff Foundation

Sarah Kaplan*

Julie Khanna

Essam Khashoggi

Molline Green (MBA ’98)

Kingspan Group

John Knebel (MBA ’73) and Marge Watters Knebel

William W. Kurtin

George (BCOM ’82) and Leanne Lewis

Simon Liang

Jonathan A. Lister (MBA ’00)

Kevin A. Lobo (MBA ’95)

Jon and Nancy Love

Jevon MacDonald

Alvaro Mallarino Cruz In Black and White Real Estate (MBA ’04)

Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation

Karen Martin

Joe Martin*

Eugene C. McBurney

Medtronic of Canada

Mihnea Moldoveanu and Violeta Luca*

Meloche Monnex Inc.

Noranda Inc. and Falconbridge Ltd.

Michael and Janet Norris

P.A. Novelly

Ontario Power Generation

Mauro Pambianchi (MBA ’81)

Donald (MBA ’62) and Gwynneth Parkinson

Hilary (MBA ’18) and Graham Partner

Jake Phillips

Richard and Karen Pilosof


PureFacts Financial Solutions

Quinn Samardzic

RBC Foundation

Connie R. Reed*

Resource Capital Funds

Revera Inc.

Elena Riabenko

Paul and Sue Riedlinger (MBA ’06)

Jennifer Riel (MBA ’06) and Stephen Leckey*

Gordon M. Ritchie

Rogers Communications Inc.

Joanna Rotenberg (MBA ’01) and Andrew Armstrong

Royal Insurance Company of Canada

Gary W. Ryan (EMBA ’01)

Eshrat Sayani and Peter Dungan*

Andrew G. Scace

The Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation

Allan and Hinda Silber

Mary Verna Simmonds

David J. Skurka (MBA ’97)

Dilip Soman*

Paul J. Sorbara (EMBA ’05)

Southwestern Bell Corporation

Warren and Maureen Spitz

The Sprott Foundation

George Stalk*

Jo-Anne Stansfield

Margaret (MBA’76) and Andrew Stephens

Don Tapscott and Ana P. Lopes

Richard and Leanne Tavoso

TransCanada Corporation

TD Bank Group – Community Relations

Teck Resources Limited

TELUS Mobility

Thai-Canada Economic Co-Operation Foundation

The Thompson Family (MBA ’07)

Ellen J. Timbrell

Toron AMI International Asset Management


Art Trojan

Tutsch Family

Viewpoint Foundation

Village Orthodontics, Dr. Frederick Murrell

John W. Visser (MBA ’86)

Susan and Domenic Vivolo

Norris W. Walker (MCOMM ’58)

Mark Wellings

Jeffrey Wendling (MBA ’86)

J. Peter Williams

The Honourable Michael H. Wilson (BCOM ’59)

Thomas A. Wilson*

Jia Lin Xie and Peter Zhu*

Janet and Bill Young

Zellers Inc.

Anonymous (8)

We apologize for the accidental misspelling or omission of donor names. If you have not been appropriately recognized, please contact us at

Dean's Society

Recognizing the School’s most generous annual donors, whose investment in the vision and leadership of Rotman has enabled the School to achieve prominence in Canada and the world. Dean’s Society members have donated $1,000 or more between May 1, 2020, and April 30, 2022.



Platinum Members

Mark S. Bonham (BCOM ’82)

Susan Christoffersen*

Robert A. Davis

Janis and Ken Field

Ed Gettings

Michael and Bonnie Goldberg

Mary B. (MBA ’85) and Graham Hallward

Donald K. Johnson

Michael Jones

Kerrie MacPherson (MBA ’91)

Anita M. McGahan*

Rosemary T. McInerney

Connie R. Reed*

Joanna Rotenberg (MBA ’01)

Dori Segal

Kim Shannon (MBA ’93)

Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation
Shiming Tan (MBA ’05)

Victor Tung (EMBA ’12)

Linda Dudek*

Richard Coleman Powers*

Gail Regan (MBA ’78)

John W. Visser (MBA ’86)

Norris W. Walker (MCOMM ’58)

Alex X. Wang (MBA ’00)

Jim P. Zhang (MBA ’03)




David L. Adams

Keith Ambachtsheer and Virginia Atkin*

Peter Angelou (MBA ’97)

Brent and Lynn Belzberg

Carol-Ann and Trevor Dasilva in memory of Paul Barbeau (MBA ’88)

Leelah Dawson (MBA ’91)

Michael Demeter (MBA ’01)

Roma and Roman Dubczak

Diester Family

Bob J. Ewen (MBA ’77)

Ambrose Fan (MBA ’92)

Harleen and Paul Grewal

His Excellency the Right Hon David Lloyd Johnston

George W. P. Hayhurst (DBA ’67, MBA ’68)

Sarah Kaplan*

Claire M. C. Kennedy

Mozaffar N. Khan (PHD ’05)

The Late Daysy Krieger Young and D. Michael Young

William W. Kurtin

Karen Martin

Tom McCurdy*

Esther Mui (MBA ’74)

John O’Dwyer

Hilary (MBA ’18) and Graham Partner

Chandran Ratnaswami (DBA ’77, MBA ’79)

Marlon Reid (MFIN ’10)

Dilip Soman*

Paul Joseph Sorbara (EMBA ’05)

Warren and Maureen Spitz

Jay Wright

Wuyang Zhao (PHD ’17)

Anonymous (2)


Silver Members

Fariba Anderson (MBA ’04)

Shawn L. Beber (MBA ’97)

William I. Bongaerts (MBA ’75)

Harvey Botting (EMBA ’85)

Donald A. Carmichael (MBA ’74)

Robert Z. Chen (PHD ’06)

Jo-Anne Cole (MBA ’98)

David J. Crawford (MBA ’91)

Sim Desai (MBA ’05)

Teng W. Fan (MBA ’08)

Kevin A. Glass (EMBA ’92)

Eleanor Gow (MBA ’77)

Lori Harris

Brian Howe (EMBA ’93)

John and Michelle Hull*

Rod Lohin*

Stephens B. Lowden

Xin Ma

Linda MacKay (MBA ’06)

Alvaro Mallarino Cruz In Black and White Real Estate Estate (MBA ’04)

Marwan Mazraani (MBA ’07)

Florence S. Narine*

Mauro Pambianchi (MBA ’81)

David Powell

Gary W. Ryan (EMBA ’01)

Sarah Rogers

Eshrat Sayani and Peter Dungan*

Jaime M. Stein (MBA ’11)

Patti A. Perras Shugart (MBA ’88)

Joe Tassone (MBA ’02)

Geoffrey* and Kenya Thompson-Leonardelli

Glen Whyte* (DBA ’80, MBA ’81)

Thomas A. Wilson*


Bronze Members

Christon Anastasopoulos (MBA ’09)

Jamie and Patsy Anderson

Ann Armstrong* (MBA ’82, PHD ’93)

Nouman Ashraf* (BCOM ’02, EMBA ’06)

Ismat Aziz

Opher Baron*

Stephen Bear

Rudolph S. Beharrysingh (MBA ’87)

Grace Y. Bi (MBA ’06)

Richard Bird (MBA ’71, PHD ’75)

Richard Blickstead (MBA ’76)

Laurence and Shiva Booth*

Michael P. Bradshaw (MBA ’93)

Leonard J. Brooks* (BCOM ’66, MBA ’67)

Stewart Burton

Gina Buonaguro

Brendan Calder*

Thomas M. Canning (MBA ’79)

Mark A. Caranci

Tiziana Casciaro*

Zheng Cao

Eric Y. W. and Linda Y. H. Chan

Matthew R. Chapman (MBA ’00)

Rajeev Chib (MBA ’08)

Rex Chong and Noreen Chan (MBA ’95)

Paul Choy (MBA ’02)

Marlys Christianson*

William J. Christie

Charles C. Chung (MBA ’78)

Doug Collier (MBA ’89)

Claudiu Crivat (MFIN ’13)

Alexandra De Freitas (MBA ’08)

Rosa M. Del Campo

Jean Desgagne

Edward Devlin

Narinder Dhami (MBA ’08)

Anthony E. Dobranowski (MBA ’76)

Wendy Dobson*

Alexander Edwards*

Cheryl A. Farrow (EMBA ’02)

Warren and Bonnie Finlay

Jim and Mary Fisher*

Christopher T. Folan (MBA ’95)

Kevin K. Fong (MBA ’94)

Ronald P. Fournier (MBA ’62)

Joshua Gans*

Craig M. Geoffrey (MBA ’07)*

Andrea Glover

Brian Golden*

Avi Goldfarb*

Kenneth Corts* and Anna-Marie Castrodale

Catherine E. Graham (MBA ’01)

Molline Green (MBA ’98)

Donald A. Guloien (BCOM ’80) and Irene Boychuk

Michael A. Hale (MBA ’82)

Paul J. N. Halpern*

Cindy (MBA ’94) and Mike Hansen

Gwen Harvey

Richard F. Haskayne

Wei He (PHD ’01)

Fred R. Heath (MBA ’76, PHD ’86)

Tim Hendrickson (BCOM ’93, MBA ’98)

William E. Hewitt (MBA ’67)

Jennifer Hildebrandt*

Russell J. Hiscock (MBA ’77)

Stanley Y. Ho (BCOM ’94)

Felicia Y. Hsu (MBA ’09)

Raymond Z. Hu (MBA ’09)

Joshua Wong (MBA ’11)

Rishi K. Jalan (MBA ’11)

Raymond Kan*

Samina Karim

Helen Kearns

Ahmad Khraishi (EMBA ’12)

Joanna Kirke (MBA ’08)

Merle Kriss (MBA ’77)

Gordon Y. Lai (MBA ’06)

Diana Bennett and Spencer Lanthier

Gary Latham*

Perry Lau (MBA ’93)

Jay W. Lee (MFIN ’11)

Andre Lewis (MFIN ’14)

Matthias S. Li (BCOM ’94, MBA ’79)

Andrew G. Lim (BCOM ’94, MBA ’04)

George J. Liu (MFIN ’10)

Hai Lu*

Kim O. Ly (MBA ’08)

Shouyi Ma

Anne E. Macdonald (MBA ’01)*

Gautam Malkani

Sid Malkani (MBA ’08)

Xavier Martin

Douglas McCutcheon

Ken McGuffin*

Michael N. Melanson (MBA ’87)

Shalini Menon (MBA ’03)

James Merkur (MBA ’96)

Jennifer A. Molluso (MBA ’05)

Chukwunonso Molokwu

Ali Naushahi

Richard W. Nesbitt (MBA ’85)

Eric N. Nie

John Oesch*

John D. Ogden (MBA ’62)

Edward On (MBA ’14)

Charles Kok Heng Ooi (BCOM ’94)

Joanne Oxley*

Lynda Paterson*

Donald (MBA ’62) and Gwynneth Parkinson

Andrea Poile

Leanne Pollard*

Feaz Rahim

Sharon Ranson

Alan and Louise Redway

Dan Richards

Paul Richards (MBA ’62)

Leslie J. Richmond (MBA ’03)

Yulia Rosenberg-Falus (MBA ’06)

Anne M. Sado (MBA ’81)

Gerrard Schmid

Shyam Shankar (MBA ’07)

David R. Smith (MBA ’06)

David A. Soberman* (PHD ’96)

Edward and Marisa Sorbara

Robert Staley

Gregory Stewart (MBA ’13)

R. David Stewart (MBA ’04)

Stephen Stewart

Daniel F. Sullivan (MBA ’71)

Alice Thomas (MBA ’94)

Mary Throop

Tuan M. Tran (MBA ’01)

Daniel Trefler*

Myha Truong-Regan (MBA ’10)

Tutsch Family

Kenneth A. Valvur

Edmond F. Vanhaverbeke (EMBA ’89)

John (BCOM ’66, MBA ’67) and Josie Watson

Peter K. Weldon (MBA ’98)

Ronald and Marni Wieshofer (MBA ’91)

Richard O. Wiltshire

M. H. Franco Wong*

Cornell Wright (MBA ’00) and Sarah McEvoy

Albert K. Wu (BCOM ’77, MBA ’84)

Jia Lin Xie* and Peter Zhu

Samuel Yen (BCOM ’94)

Alex Yeo (MBA ’14)

Alan S. Zekelman

Catherine H. Zhu Burrows (MBA ’01)

Anonymous (4)


First Decade Members

Recognizing alumni who made a gift of $100 multiplied by the number of years since graduation, between May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022.

Gharandip Bawa (EMBA ’19)

Michael K. Bosompra (MBA ’20)

Joyee Chau (MBA ’20)

Fred J. Donsah (MBA ’20)

Colin Gaffney (MBA ’21)

Iouri Y. Kopylovski (MBA ’18)

Farzana Mussa (MBA ’21)

Olawale O. Oyebanjo (MBA ’20)

Laura M. Steffler (MBA ’19)

Asterisk indicates a faculty or staff member. Education designations are limited to Rotman alumni.
We apologize for the accidental misspelling or omission of donor names. If you have not been appropriately recognized, please contact us at

Corporate Donors

Recognizing our generous corporate partners, who made annual contributions of $1,000 to $24,999 between May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022.

Accenture Inc.

Bell Canada – Employee Giving Program

BentallGreenOak (Canada) Limited Partnership

Bex Engineering Ltd.

Canso Investment Counsel

EllisDon Corporation

Endla & John Gilmour Foundation

Firma Foreign Exchange Corporation

Givergy Inc.

Kuehne & Nagel International Ltd.

Laidlaw Foundation

The Northpine Foundation

QuadReal Property Group

The Rotman Family Foundation

Sionna Investment Managers Inc.

Toronto Stroke Network


Virtace Inc.

We apologize for the accidental 
misspelling or omission of donor names. If you have not been appropriately recognized, please contact us at

Annual Fund Donors

Recognizing alumni and friends who made a donation of up to $999 in support of the School between May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022.

Kwong-Mun Achong Low (MBA ’07)

Wayne Adlam*

Ehizogie Agbonlahor

Simon Akit (MBA ’01)

Cara L. Allaway (MMPA ’02)

Kwangjun An

David R. Anderson (MBA ’92)

Nerissa Aringo (MBA ’09)

Daniel Armstrong (MBA ’08)

Hugh J. Arnold*

Stevie Asselstine*

Allan Baril (MBA ’08)

Heski Bar-Isaac*

Peter E. Barlis (MBA ’88)

Ryan Barry (MFIN ’11)

Kelly Battle (MBA ’97)

Arzhang Beheshti (MBA ’04)

Oded Berman*

Craig S. Bethune (MBA ’97)

Azam A. Bhaloo (MBA ’93)

Suraj Bhardwaj (MBA ’19)

Ravindar Bhojwani

William J. Biggar (BCOM ’74, MBA ’75)

David A. Bishop (DBA ’06)

Richard Blundell*

Andrew C. Bome (MBA ’02)

Kitt Bond

Anthony J. Boni (MBA ’81)

Theodore S. Borek (MBA ’75)

Michael K. Bosompra

Francesco Bova*

Dana M. Boyko*

Robert J. Brema (MBA ’70)

Heather Broughton (MBA ’92)

Julie Browne

Nicola Y. Browne (MBA ’04)

Courtney Brownell*

Allen (DBA’72, MBA ’83) and June Budd

Pym Buitenhuis*

Ron Bull

Darryl Bush*

Angela M. Cadena (MBA ’88)

Christopher Caira (MBA ’08)

Robert John Carr (MBA ’88)

Dennis H. Cartwright

Paul M. Casey

Teresa Catalano*

Jane Cayley (MBA ’01)

Patrick K. Chang (MBA ’00)

Shaun W. Chang (MBA ’09)

Amy Charette (MBA ’00)

Guatam Chaudhuri (MBA ’84)

Victor S. Cheng (MBA ’10)

Rebecca Cheung*

Rajeev Chib (MBA ’08)

Brett Chmiel

David Cho

Dennis C. Choa (MBA ’95)

K. Christensen*

Susan Christoffersen*

Andre Augusto Cire*

Gordon A. Clancy (MBA ’86)

Drew Coles

Sean Corbishley*

Tove Cory*

Michelle M. Coulombe (MBA ’01)

Kathleen Coulson*

John Cowling*

David H. Creswell

Arianna Dal Cin (EMBA ’15)

Beatrix Dart*

Shaun Desai (MBA ’06)

Mario Di Nucci (BCOM ’18, DPA ’18)

Nicholas and Susan Dietrich (MBA ’75)

Agnes Dilley

Sheldon Dookeran*

Fred J. Donsah

Lee Anne Downey (MBA ’05)

Marilyn C. Dunnill (BCOM ’84, MBA ’86)

Alexander Dyck*

Heather-Anne Edwards Irwin*

Tom Elek

David H. Elsner (MBA ’05)

Deborah Epstein

Cameron L. Fellman (MBA ’65)

Julie Finkle*

Alana Flexman

Sean Forbes*

Ronald A. Francis (MBA ’69)

Janelle Francisco Borden

Garth D. Frazer*

Alberto Galasso*

Kirsten Gallagher

Michael A. Garratt (MBA ’89)

Megan Geelhoed

Gary W. Getson (MBA ’67)

Mary A. Giamos*

John E. Glicksman (MBA ’77)

Brian and Candace Glover

Robert G. Glover (MBA ’00)

Rob S. Goldberg (MBA ’82)

Kevin R. Goldthorp (MBA ’99)

Masami Goto (MBA ’89)*

Tony Gray (MBA ’00)

Michael R. Guerriere

Shri Gupta (MBA ’09)

Charles R. Hall (EMBA ’98)

Marjorie J. Hale

Delaine Hampton*

Kenneth L. Harlock

Maliha Hasan*

Sandra Heitner

William R. Hellings (MBA ’70)

Gordon M. Hertzman (MBA ’83)

Elizabeth Ann Hill

Stephanie Hodnett*

Steve Hoscheit

William James Hosken (BCOM ’04)

Martin H. Hsiao (MBA ’99)

Wendy Tao Huang (MBA ’04)

Eva Hughes*

James A. Hughes* (MBA ’77)

Thomas J. Hundak*

Joanne Hung (MBA ’08)

Ivan L. Hurlbut

Imperial Oil Foundation

Jackman Reinvention Inc.

Eli Javier (MBA ’83)

Donald E. Johnston (MBA ’69)

Santosh D. Kamat (MBA ’99)

Mark Kamstra and Lisa Kramer*

Gabriela Kampouris*

Anshul Kapoor

Kenneth S. Karmona (MBA ’74)

John E. Kaye (MBA ’08)

John H. Kearns (MBA ’76)


James Kisyk*

Iouri Y. Kopylovski

Pamela V. Korn (McIntryre) (MBA ’79)

Robin Kovitz

Subodh Kumar (MBA ’76)

Moji A. Kuye (MBA ’96)

Nicole L. Laframboise

Asher Lai (MBA ’05)

Blake W. Langill (MBA ’96)

Alain Jose Latour*

John B. Latremouille*

Mara Lederman*

Esther Lee*

Stanley F. M Lee (BCOM ’77)

Letlotlo Lefoka

Edgar N. Legzdins

John P. Leon (MBA ’84)

Kelly Leung

Albert K. Li

Paul Y. Li (MBA ’05)

Sophie X. Liang (MBA ’07)

Joanna C. Lim (MBA ’08)

Anton Lina (MBA ’14)

LinkedIn Corporation

Chunri Liu

Rui Liu

Donald L. Love (MCOM ’58)

Sara Ly*

Natasha A. Mackley*

James P. Mahoney (MBA ’88)

Lindsay Manning*

Nancy Martin

John M. Maxted (EMBA ’95)

Benjamin McCammon

Gilbert McIntee (MBA ’72)

Dennis McKee (MBA ’70)

Niamh Mckenzie*

Krista B. McLeod (MBA ’01)

Vivek Mehta (MBA ’08)

Rachel Megitt (MBA ’10)

Jeremy Mersereau (MBA ’07)

Li Meynen Xue (MBA ’05)

Katia Millar

Diane Miller

Joseph Milner*

Kathryn Minard

Denisa Mindruta

Will Mitchell*

Partha S. Mohanram*

Stella S. Moon*

Sridhar Moorthy*

Rocca Morra Hodge*

Carolyn Morris*

Roderick C. Morrison (DBA ’70, MBA ’71)

Rajat Mukherjee (MBA ’13)

Gerard J. Murphy (MBA ’90)

Megan Murphy*

Lina Murray*

Jennifer Neill-Smith*

Sarah F. Neilson (MBA 94)

Robert M. Ng (MBA ’93)

Larry J. Noble (MBA ’71)

Christos Ntantamis

Greta J. Ogden (BCOM ’55)

Elaine O’Reilly

C. Ornthanalai*

Olawale O. Oyebanjo (MBA ’20)

Bohdan L. Pahuta (MBA ’77)

Jathiban Panchalingam

Andreas Park*

Parnoja Family

Robert J. Patterson (MBA ’87)

Ian Pellat

Joanne Pereira*

Margot Perlmutter

Gerry M. Preville (MBA ’82)

Leanne Pollard*

Ilo Imre Puhm (DBA ’71, MBA ’74)

Jeffrey Michael Quinlan*

Subramanian Ramanathan (MBA ’07)

Shelly-Ann Rampersad (MBA ’15)

Joyce Rankin (EMBA ’05)

Kashif Rashid

Viren Ratnaswami

Stephen J. Redden (MBA ’00)

Nayana Reiter*

Gordon Richardson*

Maria J. Rivera*

Douglas Robertson (MBA ’85)

John P. Rochon (DBA ’76, MBA ’77)

Jared Rose (MBA ’11)

Michael S. Rose (MBA ’03)

Vahid Roshanaei*

Raymond H. Rupert (EMBA ’85)

Katie Salem

Lisa Sansom (MBA ’00)

Gary Seagrave (BCOM ’58, MCOM ’59)

James E. Seidewand (MBA ’74)

Kim Shannon (MBA ’93)

Timothy C. Shaw (MBA ’70)

Brian Scott Silverman*

Valeria A. Sladojevic-Sola*

Randal Slavens (MBA ’02)

Wally J. Smieliauskas*

Karen A. Sparks (EMBA ’05)

Sandy Sparks*

Laura M. Steffler (MBA ’19)

Elizabeth Steele-Neilson (MCOM ’58)

Andrew Stein

Sarah Stern (MBA ’08)

Blake Anthony Stewart (MBA ’91)

Dragan Stojanovic* (BCOM ’03)

James A. Stuart (MBA ’16)

Ron Sturk (MBA ’94)

Howard Swartz

Linda C. Swartz (MBA ’84)

Andrew J. Szonyi (MBA ’72)

Joseph Yiu-Tong Tam (MBA ’90)

Michael Tamayo (MBA ’96)

Jennifer Tan*

David S. Tanner (MBA ’83)

Christopher Taylor

Evelyn Thomasos*

Conrad K. Tien (MBA ’08)

Andras Tilcsik*

Suzanne Tobin*

Angelo Toffolo

Sarah Tron*

Claire Tsai*

Stephen O. Uwazota (MBA ’16)

Robert Todd Vandervelde (MBA ’00)

Sheel Webber

Jason Z. Wei* (PHD ’92)

Walter K. Wells (MBA ’62)

Scott White (EMBA ’14)

Kippy Wiegand (MBA ’93)

Alan Wight (MBA ’92)

Roy G. Williams (MCOMM ’55)

Kegan Winters (MBA ’08)

Steve J. Witts (MBA ’86)

Norris D. Woodruff (MBA ’82)

Robert Woon-Fat*

Frank F. Wu (MBA ’11)

Baohua Xin*

Yongah Kim

Liyan Yang*

David Ycasiano

Olesya Zaremba*

Lesia M. Zelyk (BCOM ’86)

Michael K. Zerbs (MBA ’89)

Jingbo Zhang*

Vincent C. Zheng (MBA ’12)

Jun Zhou (PHD ’10)

Xiamin Niko Zhou*

Jeffrey Zietlow (MBA ’04)

Anonymous (7)

Asterisk indicates a faculty or staff member. Education designations are limited to Rotman alumni.
We apologize for the accidental misspelling or omission of donor names. If you have not been appropriately recognized, please contact us at