Mohsin Bin Latheef, VP Marketing & International Hub Ambassador

I’m from India and am an engineer by training, with an MSc in Bioresource Engineering and a BTech in Biotechnology. Being a lover of all things nature, sustainability has been a passion for me for as long back as I can remember. However, the “sustainability activist” in me woke up only when I was doing my MSc at McGill – that’s when I learnt about climate change and the irreversible damage that we’ve inflicted on this planet. I remember watching a documentary called “Home” (very doom-themed, but still highly recommended) and being left in shock. However, quickly enough, I realized that there’s an opportunity here for innovative technology and business models to reverse this damage, leading me to my work at one of India’s leading tech incubators, where I managed an accelerator program for sustainability startups for over 4 years.

It’s no surprise that sustainability needs to become a part of mainstream management education, and Rotman is miles ahead of its peers in this regard. Even so, Rotman Net Impact has admirably undertaken the responsibility of being the student voice of sustainability at Rotman. It is an honour to lead marketing for RNI and help spread our important message far and wide, beyond Rotman and UofT.

One sustainability practice that I’m committed to is cycling. I think the bicycle is one of the most ingenious inventions that man has produced. The fact that it is so popular and more relevant today than ever before illustrates the power of this little human-powered vehicle. Not only does a bike help you burn away those unwanted calories, it also gets you around (especially in traffic-choked cities like Toronto) much faster than motor vehicles or even public transit. If you haven’t already, invest in a good bicycle (with a nice lock) – it is fully worth it.