Chris Benjamin, Vice President Part-Time MBA

I have a undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from McGill and am a current part-time Rotman MBA candidate, working full time in product design and development for a furniture company. My previous job was as a completions field engineer in Saudi Arabia. My hobbies include robotics, woodworking and cooking; anything that involves making things, tangible or intangible!

Sustainability matters to me because it is not about being “green”, it is about looking for better ways to do things which are all too often assumed to be static. Rotman Net Impact makes the business case for sustainability, taking responsible practices and helping to frame them for today’s corporate world. I currently hold the position of VP Part-time where I represent the part-time MBA students so as to have them bring their unique talents and experiences to our initiatives and events.

I once lost horribly in an engineering consulting competition because the “passive house” my team and I had designed would have been facing in the wrong direction.

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