Gian Nicola Botto, Hult Prize & A4SICC Campus Director

As an Industrial Engineer, I am passionate about constantly finding efficiencies in every role and challenge I take.

Through my professional life, working at a Pension Fund company, I’ve found out that implementing efficiencies, such as digitalizing the branch experience aiming at lowering costs and achieving sustainable practices, and centralizing the corporate clients’ preferences; or even implementing new processes, like the change in the withdrawal process for retirees to give them freedom of choosing their pension style of withdrawal through concrete changes in the company’s branches and systems, having direct impact on their lives, giving me back a rewarding feeling of accomplishment.

More than that, noticing that these deliverables can have a direct impact on not only my clients, but also society and the environment, as I vividly experienced with the various projects while leading very diverse teams, gave me the best sense of accomplishment.

These kinds of experiences are the ones that drive my professional life, the fuel that motivates me while helping the world become a better place with sustainable processes, practices and strategies.

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