Gowtham Ramachandran, VP Internal

I’m extremely passionate about protecting the environment from degradation and have always been committed to make an impact in this space. Having grown up in India, I noticed the effects of climate change first hand. Chennai, my hometown, became hotter every year and the village my grandparents lived in experienced droughts so severe that most of the land became barren. These experiences inspired me to play a role in alleviating this situation.

Prior to business school, I worked in the energy efficiency sector where I conducted audits of commercial, industrial, and multi-residential buildings. Over the summer, I interned as an Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Fellow at The Beer Store where I collaborated with the Stewardship and Logistics teams on strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Rotman Net Impact gave me the perfect opportunity to inspire the business community to take action to create a socially and environmentally sustainable world. As VP External, I am primarily responsible for liaising with external organizations, clubs and sponsors.

One environment-related pet peeve I have is “long hot showers in the morning!” Do they really need to be that long?