Kiel Guerrero, Vice President Careers

I am an Industrial Engineer from Peru with 7+ years of experience in different industries like commercial banking, consumer goods and construction/real estate. I have always believed that companies can be profitable while remaining socially and environmentally friendly. However, during these years of experience, I witnessed how this is not a widespread business practice.

Sustainable development is defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”, and I believe all businesses should operate under this mandate. I started my MBA at Rotman with the goal of learning the tools and skills necessary to successfully enter the sustainability space and have a more purposeful professional career. I believe I am in the right track and being the VP Careers I want to help others to find their way into this amazing and so necessary career path.

I invite you to focus your business career not only in maximizing shareholder value (as you’ll learn in Finance II) but to consider all stakeholders. Businesses play a huge role in development and it is our responsibility to secure a sustainable way of doing and growing businesses.

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