Montserrat Zarama, VP Internal

I am an Industrial Engineer with experience in designing, leading and executing company strategies. I worked with diverse clients across industries including medical devices, oil & gas, agriculture, automotive and retail. My hobby is to travel, learn from different cultures and share unique experiences. I am looking forward to making an impact through sustainable and socially responsible businesses.

One of the reasons I decided to pursue a career in business, is because I believe this is the most efficient way to positively impact society. The question is no longer whether sustainability should be at every business’s core. The question is how. This is what Rotman Net Impact is for. As VP Internal, I am in charge of creating and strengthening relationships between students, faculty and staff within the Rotman and UofT community.

I come from a so called “emerging” country with vast tropical forest and jungle areas and I strongly believe we all must keep those lungs healthy and stop all the damage caused by irrational exploitation. Creating consciousness around this issue is a key factor toward climate action.