Alexander Forstner, P.Eng, Vice President Part Time MBA

Alex, ME-MBA ’21, has over ten years of experience working in electricity infrastructure and extractive hydrometallurgy. As a planning analyst in the electricity sector, he conducted techno-economic analyses that helped guide Ontario to a coal free resource mix and worked on the development and implementation of Ontario’s Feed-In-Tariff renewable energy incentive program, which has since brought in over $20 billion of investment into Ontario. He then transitioned to the mining industry taking a role as hydro-metallurgist, working on process development, pilot plant operations and management, and technical model development for a range of commodities that include REE, Li, Co, Au, Ni, Sc, and Nb, much of which was driven by the need to support the growth of the green energy and electric vehicle industries.  Alex is passionate about the natural resources sector because of its critical underpinning to society and its potential to make positive change to people and the environment.

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