Shonakshi Chaubal, Hult Prize Campus Director

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and have worked in Insurance and fin-tech before coming to Rotman.

I have a keen interest in Sustainability, particularly social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and social and governance issues in business. I am passionate about international development and spent my summer in Laos, doing a Global Consulting Project with Cuso International.

My interest in sustainability is fueled by my desire to help make the world a better place through collaboration and innovation.

As a member of the RNI Executive Committee, I am proud to be part of a club that has positive social impact as one of its core values. As the 2017-18 Hult Prize Campus Director, I hope to facilitate the meeting of bright, innovative minds at Rotman and the University of Toronto, that can develop truly impactful solutions to the Hult Prize challenge.

On a less serious note, I love to travel and have lived in over 6 countries during the course of my life. I play Tennis and absolutely adore Roger Federer.