Silene Gómez, President

I’m a Mechanical Engineer from Colombia with 7 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry. This industry took me to places as diverse as Argentina, Denmark, Norway, UK and many more, but I needed a career change – something more meaningful – that is the reason why I spent my summer working as an internal consultant at SickKids.

For me, sustainability should be the center of every business. When people talk about sustainability, they only refer to the environment. But sustainability is much more, is making sure your business has the ability to be maintained in the long run, and that is only possible if you take care of the community where your business has a presence.

Rotman Net Impact is the only club at Rotman that is trying to give a voice to sustainability. If we can at least plant a seed in the mind of an MBA about the impact business has in our lives, in the environment and in the communities, we might have a chance to change the future.

One little thing at the time can change the world, so please stop buying plastic bottles water!