Varsha Shankar, VP Careers

I am a computer scientist and roboticist with a passion for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Before you start to wonder what that has to do with sustainability, let me tell you that I am getting my MBA at Rotman to understand how a technologically smarter world can help build a world that is friendlier to its flora, fauna and climate. I want to use all my newly acquired business skills in the pursuit of cool ideas that leverage my technical background to help the world lead a more environmentally sustainable life.

Rotman Net Impact’s mission drew me in like a bear to an unharvested honey comb and I am now the VP of Careers here. I care about educating others about how their individual backgrounds and interests will lead to fulfilling and fruitful careers in sustainability.

My favourite activities in the whole world are to trek mountains, swim in lakes and pamper animals. I am therefore on a mission to ensure that mountains are snowy and clean, lakes are pristine and animals are well pampered!