May 17, 2013

Our Clients

We have worked with a diverse portfolio of clients on a wide variety of projects ranging from marketing, branding and social media to operations, evaluation, and financial analysis.

What clients say about NeXus Consulting Group

“[I was] distinctly impressed by the team’s professionalism, relatability, intelligence, capability, talent and support network. Having now worked with three iterations of NeXus consultants, I am very happy to say that I have never once felt that those standards haven’t always been consistently high.”
Mahadeo Sukhai, President

“The Nexus team has done an outstanding job of applying management techniques to our social enterprise. I think that they will make a valuable contribution to social innovation.”
Tonya Surman, Executive Director

“We were extremely pleased by the students’ quality of workmanship…The recommendations they made to us were based on sound research and were well thought out. We will be implementing a number of their suggestions over the next two concert seasons.”
Cynthia Hawkins, Executive Director

“Rotman NeXus really helped us get our project underway with the expert business skills that we required but also within a reasonable budget. Our consultant team was dedicated, reliable and pleasant to work with. They really took the time to understand our needs and to meet them.”
Mahsa Taheri, Vice-President, Programs

“The work performed by Rotman NeXus greatly enhanced our understanding of how best to introduce a branded product. The work gives us a clear direction and concrete potential to improve our financial self-sufficiency.”

Andrew MacDonald, Manager, Social Enterprise