European Business Club

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the European Business Club to connect Rotman to Europe and the international community. Through speakers, cultural events, and competitions, the EBC seeks to educate and inspire our members and the broader Rotman community.


The European Union is currently the single biggest economy by GDP in the world. Tremendous opportunities exist for those who wish to take part in this economic activity, whether directly (living in Europe) or indirectly (having business contact with Europe).

Throughout the year, EBC will hold career-oriented and social events as well as a business competition focusing on an international perspective. Through such events, EBC will provide information and immersion to bridge the gap between Rotman students and Europe.


The main goals of EBC are:

  • To inform members of opportunities in the region
  • To educate members on cultures and business issues
  • To provide an opportunity to turn theory into practice