Strategic Management

Area Coordinator: Brian Silverman

RSM2008H Creative Destruction Lab Intro
RSM2011H International Business
RSM2012H Entrepreneurship
RSM2013H Creative Destruction Lab Advanced
RSM2017H Pharmaceutical Strategy
RSM2018H Strategy in Emerging Markets
RSM2019H Corporation 360° (not offered)
RSM2020H Health Sector Strategy & Organizations
RSM2021H Corporate Strategy
RSM2023H Strategic Change and Implementation
RSM2030H Canadian Business History
RSM2052H Management Consulting
RSM2054H Technology Strategy
RSM2055H Cooperative Strategy (not offered)
Venture Capital Strategy (course title in process of being changed, currently it will appear in ACORN as Entrepreneurial Finance)
RSM2058H Communicating Strategy
RSM2059H Health Systems Consulting
RSM2061H Strategic Networks
RSM2062H Management Consulting Practicum
RSM2063H Catastrophic Failure in Organizations
RSM2081H Social Entrepreneurship
RSM2083H Healthcare Innovation
RSM2099H International Entrepreneurship