MMA Fees & Registration

The information provided on this page is specific to the MMA program. For general information on fees, including invoices, legal status, health insurance, making payments, tax forms, the Professional Student Loan Program, government assistance, sponsorship of tuition by a third party, additional and service charges, and restrictions and penalties on past due accounts, please see the Finances section of Guide to Rotman Policies.

The tuition fees charged for each session of registration have four components:

Program Fee
Rotman Ancillary Fees
University compulsory and non-compulsory Incidental Fees

Rotman ancillary fees are charged by the School for services specific to the MMA program. University incidental fees are charged by the University for services that are universal to all students: student unions, campus services such as Hart House and the Athletic Centre, and electronic access fees for the cost of internet-based information access. This fee also includes health coverage and dental plan. Students with equivalent insurance elsewhere may opt-out of these plans. Please visit the Graduate Students’ Union website for details.

The following tables are estimates.  Please refer to the University of Toronto’s Planning & Budget website for the most accurate and up to date fees schedules.

Estimated annual program fees for the Master of Management Analytics

Class OfCanadian citizens & permanent residentsInternational students on study permit

In addition to the annual program fee noted above, students are required to submit payment for University incidental fees* and Rotman ancillary fees*:

  • The University incidental fees amount to approximately $1,700, which covers the terms from September – end-April and include campus fees and student society fees. The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fee will automatically be added to fees invoices for International Students only. More information regarding UHIP may be found at
  • The Rotman ancillary fees amount to approximately $1,600 for the MMA program. Additional details, information and finalized amounts will be updated as available and found on your fees invoice, available in mid-July.

*Please note that the program fee, University incidental fees and Rotman ancillary fees are set by the University and are subject to change. The University incidental fees amount noted above for future academic years are subject to approval by the Governing Council’s annual meeting in May.

Questions regarding tuition fee deferrals may be directed to the Registrar’s Office, Room 219.