GDipPA Fees and Registration

Updated March 5, 2018


Registration for the GDipPA Program is a multi-step process involving program registration, course enrolment, and fee payment.

Students are registered as soon as they have paid their fees (tuition, ancillary and incidental) and are then enrolled in courses. Registered students agree to abide by all the academic and non-academic policies, rules and regulations of the University and his or her academic division as set out in the divisional calendar, and to ensure that the accuracy of personal information such as the current mailing address and telephone number is maintained.

Step One:  Program Registration

Students must read and agree to the terms outlined on the Rotman Code of Conduct. Students who do not agree to the terms will not be considered registered and therefore will not be able to attend classes.  These documents must be submitted prior to the start of the GDipPA Program.

Step Two:  Course Enrolment

As all students in the GDipPA Program complete the same set of mandatory courses, students are automatically enrolled in their courses by the Program Services Office.  GDipPA students do not register for GDipPA courses.

Step Three:  Online Invoice & Fee Payment

The University of Toronto Student Accounts office will provide students with an online fees invoice via ACORN. In order for students to be considered registered in the program, the minimum payment to register amount as stated on the fees invoice must be paid by May 8.  A monthly service charge of 1½ per cent compounded (19.56 per cent per annum) will begin to accrue on any outstanding balance as of June 15th.

Fee payments are accepted at most Canadian financial institutions; please retain your receipt as proof of payment.  Students will find payment instructions in the “Fee Payment Information” section.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you make the fee payment by the deadline.

Tuition/Ancillary Fees & University Incidental Fees

The tuition fees charged for each session of registration have three components:

  • Academic Fee
  • Rotman Ancillary Fees
  • University Incidental Fees

Rotman ancillary fees are charged by the School for services specific to the GDipPA program. University incidental fees are charged by the University for services that are universal to all students: student unions, campus services such as Hart House and the Athletic Centre, and electronic access fees for the cost of internet-based information access.  This fee also includes health coverage and dental plan.  Students with equivalent insurance elsewhere may opt-out of these plans. For details, please visit the Graduate Students’ Union website.

Estimated Fees for the GDipPA Program 2018

Academic Year Canadian Citizens & Landed Immigrants International Students on Student Authorization
Year 1 $10,090* $15,110*

University incidental fees amount to approximately $500. This fee will provide you access to U of T services between May and August, and include campus fees and student society fees. Hart House privileges extend to the end of August. The Rotman ancillary fees amount to approximately $200.  This fee will cover Rotman-specific services between the beginning of May and the end of August. Additional details, information and finalized amounts will be updated as available and found on your fees invoice.

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fee will automatically be added to fees invoices for International Students only.

*Please note that the annual academic fee, University incidental fees and Rotman ancillary fees are set by the University and are subject to change. The University incidental fees amount noted above for future academic years are subject to approval by the Governing Council’s annual meeting in Spring.