RSM2013YY Creative Destruction Lab Course (Advanced Course)

Ajay Agrawal

Mara Lederman

Kevin Bryan

Applicable Major:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (c)

Health Sector Management (r)

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This course is primarily targeted at students who are interested in careers in strategy, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, new product development, and economic development policy.


In person and synchronous online. Year Long Course September-April, 1 credit.

Class Dates:
Online Synchronous – Mondays 18:30-20:30 – Sept 28, Oct 5, Nov. 9, 16, Jan 25, Feb 1, Mar 8,15 Apr 5.
In Person – Thursday, Sept 10 (16:00-18:00); Saturday, September 12 (8:00-18:00); Sunday, September 13 (12:00-16:00)


RSM 2008H CDL Intro Course. Enrolment not done through Course Match. Eligible student will be notified by CDL with enrolment instructions.


The CDL Advanced Course follows the process of commercializing technological innovation by working closely with early-stage technology ventures seeking capital. This course allows for frequent interaction with experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Students will apply basic economics and analytical tools developed in the foundational MBA curriculum to evaluate the size of markets, the attractiveness of industries, the financing options and valuation of early-stage companies, the sustainable competitive advantage of proposed strategies, the downside risks, and upside potential of individual entrepreneurs, and their vision for their companies. Students will learn how to formulate and evaluate the strategy of entrepreneurial ventures, apply frameworks to CDL ventures and advise them on strategic decision-making, and understand why strategy formulation for entrepreneurial ventures is distinct to that for other firms. Students will develop strategies for a new company.


Company Analysis and CritiqueTBD
3 Venture Specific AssignmentsTBD
Overall class contributionTBD


Reading list and links to readings will be provided in the course outline.