Rotman Scholars Program 2018

The Rotman School offers an academic peer support program for students in the first-year core courses. The purposes of the Rotman Scholar program are:

  1. To recognize upper-year students for their academic excellence in a given subject matter, and demonstrated communication skills.  Scholars have the opportunity to lead their peers in attaining similar success.
  2. To provide guidance to Full-Time and Morning/Evening MBA students enrolled in core courses.

Applicants must possess a strong desire to assist students and an ability to commit (approximately) 10 hours per week for the duration of the course to which they are applying. Awards range in value from $500-$2,500, depending on the duration of the course and number of contact hours.

Applications are open 3 times annually:

  • March – Summer term (AM/PM MBA courses)
  • May – Fall term (AM/PM MBA courses); Terms 1 & 2 (Full-Time MBA courses)
  • October – Spring term (AM/PM MBA courses); Terms 3 & 4 (Full-Time MBA courses)

The application for the 2018 Fall Rotman Scholar Program was available online until 1:00 p.m. EST on Monday, November 05, 2018.  Only online submissions will be accepted.

Scholars will receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution. Scholars will be selected with guidance from the appropriate faculty member for each course.  Applicants will be notified of program decisions prior to the respective term, and award funding will be made available to recipients following the completion of each course.

Expectations of Rotman Scholars

  • Attend mandatory Rotman Scholar information/training sessions (September for Fall courses, January for Spring courses; dates/times TBD)
  • Meet with instructors prior to each term to identify the dates/times for all tutorials
  • Meet with instructors and other course scholars on a regular basis (i.e. weekly) to ensure course and scholar goals are being met
  • Review course material and prepare for scholar and/or tutoring sessions. Class attendance may be necessary
  • Prepare and communicate agenda/lesson plans to both instructors and students – This is vital!
  • Meet with registered students (from all sections in the case of multi-section courses) on a regular basis to discuss assignments/projects/lectures. Note that the needs and requirements of instructors and students may vary across courses, particularly in quantitative versus qualitative subject areas. Meetings can take on a variety of different formats including, but not limited to: scholar sessions, office hours, one-on-one or small group tutoring, online discussions/forums, email correspondence
  • Provide regular feedback to course instructors to include: details of scholar session (including attendance), content that remains challenging
  • Keep track of hours and tasks performed (including both prep and student-facing time), to be reviewed weekly by the course instructor; the final report will be submitted to the course instructor for sign-off and authorization of award payment
  • Complete an evaluation of the program
  • Be available for one-on-one or small group tutoring

Rotman Scholar Schedule

Term Name Program Dates of Availability
Summer Term AM/PM MBA
Fall Term AM/PM MBA Early September – December 13 (dates vary by course)
Term 1 Full-Time MBA September 4 – October 19
Term 2 Full-Time MBA October 29 – December 18
Spring Term AM/PM MBA January 22 – April 30
Term 3 Full-Time MBA January 14 – March 1
Term 4 Full-Time MBA March 11 – April 30

The schedule above is for information purposes only and is subject to change. Applicants are advised to consider the dates above when determining their availability.  Note that Rotman Scholar sessions may be scheduled during early mornings, evenings and/or weekends.

Spring Courses With Scholars

Course Term Cohort
RSM1211 Economic Environment of Business Term 3  FT MBA 20
RSM1232 Finance II: Corporate Finance Term 3  FT MBA 20
RSM1240 Operations Management Term 3  FT MBA 20
RSM1222 Managerial Accounting Term 4  FT MBA 20
RSM1331 Finance I: Capital Markets and Valuation Spring  AM MBA 21
RSM1382 Statistics for Management Spring  AM MBA 21
RSM1331 Finance I: Capital Markets and Valuation Spring  PM MBA 21
RSM1382 Statistics for Management Spring  PM MBA 21

Criteria for Selection

  • Rotman Scholar Awards are open to students in the Full-Time and Morning/Evening MBA students. Scholar applicants must have successfully completed the core course(s) for which they are applying.
  • Demonstrated communication and leadership skills
  • High academic standing in the course
  • Strong desire to assist and mentor students
  • Willing and able to commit to 5-10 hours per week for the duration of the course (including preparation time and tutorial support).
  • Award values range from $500-$2,500 per Rotman Scholar Award.

Qualifications are judged by means of:

  • information supplied on the application
  • presentation deck and video presentation
  • feedback from instructor reference
  • academic standing in the course

How To Apply

Please read this information thoroughly and use it as a reference for all application requirements.

The deadline for Term 3, Term 4 and Spring Term Scholars is 1:00 p.m. EST on Monday, November 05, 2018. Only online applications will be accepted.

As there are many components to the application students are strongly encouraged to begin their application well before the deadline.

1. Gather and prepare all necessary application requirements beforehand.

All applications require:

  1. online application form
  2. uploaded pdf document  including:
    • your student number
    • a cover letter (maximum 2 pages, addressed to Patrick McEnroe) answering the following questions:
      • Why do you want to be a Scholar?
      • What worked last year in the Scholar program?
      • What change would you suggest to the Scholar program?
    • a résumé in standard Rotman format (template available on RWorld under My Career Centre for FT MBA students or My Career Services for AM/PM MBA students)
  3. Name of a Rotman instructor who may be contacted as a reference
  4. Slide deck: PowerPoint deck used during video presentation must be uploaded to the Kira Talent site. Please save the slide deck as a pdf, as this is the only file type accepted by the Kira Talent site.  You will upload it where is asks for your résumé (do not resubmit your résumé on the Kira Talent site) before recording your video .
  5. Video presentation: this is a 3-5 minute (maximum, conciseness will be adjudicated) presentation using a PowerPoint slide presentation of a topic of your choice.  This will be recorded and submitted through the Kira Talent platform. The process is simple – you will be asked to record your presentation, given prep time, and a set amount of time to respond. It should only take 20 to 30 minutes to complete and can be done on your own time. You will require consistent internet connected laptop/computer with a functioning webcam and microphone. The system allows for unlimited practice sessions but once you start the formal interview questions you only get one chance – this allows us to see your candid presentation skill.  The visibility of the PowerPoint on screen during your recorded presentation is not as important as you, as uploaded your slide deck beforehand.

Registrarial Services will confirm academic standing on courses completed as of Monday, November 05, 2018; there is no need to submit grade reports.

2. Complete the online application

Access the application site. Use your RWorld login credentials.

  1. Select and rank by preference the courses you wish to be considered for. Applicants are advised to consider their availability before applying. Note that Rotman Scholar sessions may be scheduled during early mornings, evenings and/or on weekends
  2. You may apply to as many courses as you like. Only one application (with one cover letter) is required. If applying to more than one course per term (e.g. Finance and Accounting in Term 3 of the Full Time Program), please rank them by preference
  3. Upload the required documents:
    1. cover letter and résumé as a single PDF document
    2. Name of instructor reference
  4. Click the Kira Talent link to upload your slide deck (as pdf, in the resume field) and record your presentation. This will open in a new window. You can register first, then return to link to record later. However, you will only get one opportunity to record your presentation.
  5. Return to the online application site to review your submission as it is your responsibility to ensure for accuracy and completeness. Click “Submit”. Applications are saved and submitted only after this step.

You will receive a confirmation email once your application is received with a copy of your submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application was not successfully submitted and you should return to the site to resubmit.

Until the application site closes at 1:00 pm EST Monday, November 05, 2018 you can log back in at any time to check or edit your application (only the form and cover letter/resume, not the Kira Talent submission).  Only your most recent submission is saved and presented with each log in for your review, new submissions or document uploads will replace previous ones. You will receive a confirmation email with each submission.

Click here for the application site. Use your RWorld login credentials.

Deadline for Fall Scholar applications is 1:00 p.m. EST Monday, November 05,  2018.