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RSM2058H – Communicating Strategy

General Information


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Applicable Major(s):
(c) = Core, (r) = Recommended

  • Consulting (r)


Translating your business skills into career success requires the ability to effectively present your ideas.  

By second year, Rotman MBA students are able to analyze complex business problems and make astute recommendations. However, in organizations that is not enough because good recommendations go unacknowledged unless presented well.  While students have invested in their abilities to solve businesses problems, their career success depends on the ability to effectively communicate those ideas in business settings.

This is for students who are interested in honing their presentation skills including the abilities to synthesis information into coherent and arguments, building supporting logics and mastering professional presentations.


8, 3-hour classes over two weeks (January 4-13, 2023)

A combination of in-class and virtual formats

Course Mission

The course pedagogy focuses on learning-by-doing.  Students will learn by regularly presenting their recommendations for business problems, reviewing peer feedback and receiving faculty coaching.  Student presentations will occur most classes and often involve video tape analysis. 

Course Scope

This course provides second year students with the opportunity to enhance their presentation and communication skills.

Students will improve their abilities to

  • use verbal and nonverbal communication skills effectively
  • frame and develop logical arguments to support their ideas
  • communicate informally and in formal presentations in person and online

Evaluation and Grade Breakdown

Class Participation/Attendance20%
In-Class Presentations40%
Mid-Term Exercise20%
Final Individual Presentation20%

Required Resources

No textbook. 

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