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RSM2303H – Risk Modeling and Financial Trading Strategies (Spring 2023)

General Information


Applicable Emphases:
(m) = Main, (s)= Supplemental

  • Data Analytics and Modeling (s)

Applicable Major(s):
(c) = Core, (r) = Recommended

  • Funds Management (r)
  • Management Analytics (r)
  • Risk Management and Financial Engineering (c)

Target Audience

RSM2303 is recommended for the ‘Risk Management and Financial Engineering’ major and the ‘Funds Management’ major. The course learning objectives have general applicability but are particularly relevant for developing skills for risk management, investment strategies, and securities trading.


12 weekly sessions plus optional Q&A sessions prior to course deliverables

Course Mission

  1. Reviewing recent innovations in financial markets and securities, information processing, etc.
  2. Developing modeling skills (e.g. coding, algorithms, Monte Carlo simulation, etc.)
  3. Practicing decision making for investment, trading, and risk management strategies

Course Scope

We will use probabilistic modeling and stochastic simulation as tools for guiding risk-informed decisions in complex
environments with material uncertainty about the future. The RIT Market Simulator platform (order-driven
market/matching engine) and the associated real-time RIT Decision Cases facilitate deriving robust strategies for the
decisions that arbitrageurs, portfolio and risk managers make in real time, including managing liquidity risk, market
risk, crash risk, model risk and real economy risks.

Schematic of the simulation-based learning approach using the RIT Decision Cases:

Required Resources

All course resources (case briefs, decision support models, tutorials, background reading) available online.

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