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RSM2305H – International Financial Management

General Information


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Applicable Major(s):
(c) = Core, (r) = Recommended

  • Global Management (c)


The course is scheduled on Thursdays from 1:45 – 3:45 pm from Jan 20 to April 7, 2022.  This includes 12 weekly meetings of 2 hours each.   

Course Mission

This course will focus on corporate financial management in an international context.   We begin with a brief overview of the nature of international business activities and the evolution of multinational enterprises. Next is an introduction to multinational tax issues, international trade and international trade finance.  We then cover the foreign exchange market and exchange rate determination, as well as other international financial markets and instruments.  This sets the stage for learning about a variety of international financial management topics, including foreign exchange exposure measurement and management, financing the global firm, and foreign direct investment decisions.

Evaluation and Grade Distribution

Class Participation Exercises
(Best 10 of 11 @ 1.5%) Completed by up to 3 students together during or immediately after class, each from Class 1 to 11
Class Prep Quizzes
(Best 10 of 11 @ 1.5%) Completed individually prior to, or at the start of, each class after Class 1
(2 @ 15%) Completed in Groups of 3-6 students
Final Exam
(During exam period – April 11-22, 2022)

Required Resources

Textbook: Multinational Business Finance, D.K. Eiteman, A.I. Stonehill and M.H. Moffat, 15th edition (2019), Pearson Education, ISBN -10: 0134796551

Case Package: Will be available for purchase from the Harvard Business School Publishing website. 

Class Materials: Will be posted in advance of class.   

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