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RSM2709H – Global Practicum: The Global Firm in a World of Trade Wars and a Pandemic

General Information

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Applicable Major(s):
(c) = Core, (r) = Recommended

  • Global Management (c/r)

Instructor Bios

Bernardo Blum is an Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy and Director of the Institute for International Business at Rotman. Bernardo’s research falls into three broad areas: international trade, where his work examines the determinants of international trade patterns and the economic institutions that facilitate trade; urban economics, where his work examines the impact of urban agglomeration on the productivities of, and so returns to, different kinds of skills; and the determinants of income inequality.

Walid Hejazi is an Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy. He has researched, advised, and testified extensively on global competitiveness, and is currently working on a series of studies which shed light on the competitiveness and productivity of Canadian firms. He teaches Macro and Global Economics in Rotman’s MBA and EMBA programs. He has delivered lectures in over 30 countries and has taken students on study tours across the Middle East and India.


Intensive format from January 3-15, 2022 from 7:00AM – 9:00AM.

Course Mission

By collaborating across regions, participants will be able to create solutions with cross-national perspectives. Participants may for example work on a multi-region firm entry strategy for a small to medium-sized enterprise in a variety of industries such as retail, restaurants (including coffee chains), aerospace, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and others). Participants will also receive industry training and best practices on how to work in virtual teams by McKinsey & Co. During the final day of the program, groups will present virtually to a panel of experts.

Course Scope

Join MBA participants from several top MBA programs across the globe for this interactive team-based Global Classroom. This course will be taught by two of Rotman’s leading Economics Professors Bernardo Blum and Walid Hejazi from Rotman’s Institute for International Business. Professors Blum and Hejazi will partner with BCG & Co and Global Affairs Canada and will bring to the classroom input from trade commissioners globally. You will work and learn in remote global teams with participants from around the world, thus providing a truly global experience. The course will examine the global economy, trends in international trade and foreign investment, and the challenges with operating internationally. The impact of the US-China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic will also be analyzed, including the implications for global supply chains and economic development.

Evaluation and Grade Distribution

Peer Group Deliberations10%
Peer Feedback10%
Case Solutions: Group Submission10%
Final Group Project: Paper Submission, PPT, and Presentation30%
Take Home Exam40%

Required Resources

This course will use a variety of online sources including extensive background data, news articles, and video interviews to provide a fuller picture of a complex business situation.

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