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Fall Course Enrolment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)*

*All information is subject to change per evolving public health and City of Toronto regulations.

What is INPER? What is SYNC? What is SYNIF?

INPER courses are courses that have some element of the teaching activity taking place in-person. Students taking an INPER course can expect that there will be, to the extent possible, in-person lectures, tutorials, and exams.

SYNC courses take place completely online. These courses will not have any in-person activity including exams, even if health conditions improve.

SYNIF courses, like SYNC courses, will take place fully online EXCEPT for final exams. To the extent possible, final exams in SYNIF courses will be in-person. If you take a SYNIF course, you should be prepared to take the final exam in-person.

Are INPER classes going to be completely in-person?

We hope they will be, but we will be guided by provincial and city health authorities regarding what in-person class activity can take place. Much will depend on the capacity limit of the classroom assigned to the class. It is our expectation that we may need to adjust how students access INPER courses and are building robust responses to the uncertainty.

What are INPER/Dual Delivery courses?

Many INPER course sections are listed as Dual Delivery. For these courses we are putting in place supports so that class meetings can be simultaneously accessed by students in-person and online. If capacity limits imply that there is not enough space in a classroom, a class section may be divided into subsections. Students in each subsection will be scheduled to attend class meetings in-person on some rotational basis. For example, one group of students would attend class in-person one week and the other group of students would take part synchronously through Zoom or similar platform. The following week the groups will switch who is in-person and who is online.

How will I know if I am supposed to be in-person or online for a Dual Delivery class meeting?

Your course calendar will indicate what days you are online and what days you are in-person.

If I am in an INPER/Dual Delivery class and my calendar says I am scheduled to attend class in-person for a class meeting, am I expected to attend?

Yes. It is the default expectation that you will attend class in-person on days you are scheduled, although the professor may decide to set a different rule.

I am in an INPER class section that is not Dual Delivery. What does that mean?

INPER class sections not listed as Dual Delivery will only take place in-person, health authorities permitting. If the course cannot take place in-person, the course will take place wholly online.

My INPER/Dual Delivery course has a final exam. Will the exam be in-person?

Yes, subject to health authority regulations. Students taking INPER classes (Dual Delivery or otherwise) that have a final exam should expect to take the final exam in-person.

If I am in a SYNC course, does that mean I do not need to come to Rotman for the course?

Yes. SYNC courses are online only. There may be in-person team meetings that you arrange, but the scheduled parts of the course are only online.

If I am in a SYNIF course, do I need to come to Rotman for the final exam?

Yes. Subject to health authority constraints, courses listed as SYNIF will have an in-person final exam. You will be expected to attend the exam. Missing the exam will require an academic accommodation. You should not assume that your absence from Toronto will be sufficient grounds for an accommodation.

Will I have the option to elect to take dual delivery courses fully online?

Yes, although you should be prepared to take any final exam in person. Students who opt into the fully online section of the class will be removed from any scheduled in-person rotations. More information on how to select this option will be provided after students’ course allocations are released later this summer. We strongly encourage all students who would need or want online delivery to select this option for any dual delivery courses in which they are enrolled.

Why are so many classes scheduled as SYNC if Rotman is committed to a return to in-person learning for Fall 2021?

There are 45 different elective courses being offered this fall and 29 of them have in-person sections. This volume of in-person courses is in line with the expected building capacity for next term. Several of the courses that do not have in-person sections will be offered in the winter term. Also several of the courses listed as SYNC have experimental components and, provincial guidelines permitting, students will take part in the experimental components in-person. Finally, for several courses listed as SYNC, there are multiple external speakers. Given travel and access restrictions, it would not be prudent to schedule these courses as being in-person. If public health guidelines allow for additional capacity in the fall, we expect to correspondingly increase the number of seats available in our in-person sections.

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