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Course Work and Program Feedback

Course Work

The management of assignment due dates/times for courses is at the discretion of the instructor and will be posted on the course outline. Students must use the individual or group assignment cover page when submitting any materials unless otherwise noted by the instructor. The assignment cover page is available on the Student Tools tile of the HUB.

Program Feedback

Each instructor and course undergoes a formal evaluation process at the end of each course. These evaluations are used by the Dean’s Office in each instructor’s annual review (which impacts promotion and salary). The Registrar’s Office evaluates the outcomes for course staffing for subsequent years.

Student evaluations for all courses are managed by the Registrar’s Office. Course evaluations are typically done during the last scheduled class and prior to the final exam. Course evaluation results including relevant comments are made available to the Dean and Vice-Deans, Academic Directors, Area Coordinators, and the instructors. Instructors receive course evaluation results only after final course grades have been submitted.

Further, during each term, instructors typically seek informal feedback.