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Delivery Modes

Please find more information and updates related to COVID-19 here.

Below are the definitions of the delivery method codes that students will find on course schedules.

Student should also be aware of the minimum technical requirements needed for students to access remote/online learning.

CodeDelivery ModeDelivery Mode DescriptionComment
INPERIn-PersonA course is considered In-Person if it requires attendance at a specific location and time for all course activities.

Refer to course fact sheet for details of In-Person activity requirements.

*Subject to adjustments imposed by public health requirements for physical distancing.
Used if the course has any requirement for in-person (“face to face,” “live,” “real time”) attendance at a specific physical location. An in-person course may also have synchronous and/or asynchronous components that can be completed remotely.

In-Person courses (or course sections) enrolment capacities are set by the COVID-19 room capacity following Public Health regulations.
Students in In-Person sections will be able to participate remotely as well should their personal COVID-19 situation requires them to do so.
INPER/HYBRID In-Person/Hybrid Format A course is considered In-Person/Hybrid if class meetings are held in person and can be simultaneously accessed by students in person and online.  Hybrid meeting sections involve a mix of online and in-person interaction and require attendance at a specific time and physical location for some activities.
SYNCOnline SynchronousA course is considered Online Synchronous if online attendance is expected at a specific time for some or all course activities, and attendance at a specific location is not expected for any activities or exams.An online synchronous course may also have asynchronous components that can be completed remotely on the student’s own time.

If a course with an Online Synchronous sections have corresponding In Person sections, students in the Online Synchronous sections will not be able to participate in In-Person section activities due to COVID-19 room capacities set following Public Health regulations.

Last Updated: 2022-11-01 @ 10:27 am